About EboxMan

Sourcing and importing products from China is relatively easy nowadays. But small business importers always feel hard to find suitable suppliers with reasonable prices & quality when facing 1,000+ suppliers for the same product in Alibaba.

We like helping small to medium businesses or even new importers source reasonable prices and quality products in China, helping them avoid all potential importing risks. Our service is amiable.

Our sourcing service includes product sourcing, production management, quality inspection, shipping arrangement, and product photography.

Unlike an inspection company that can only send you an inspection report, we help you negotiate with suppliers on your behalf and fix the quality problems before products leave China. You will never feel so secure when importing from China through us.

In the past four years, we’ve supported 1000+ sellers build their eCommerce business. We always believe that if we make you succeed, then we will succeed.

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EboxMan - Sourcing & Fulfillment Agent Ltd
EboxMan – Sourcing & Fulfillment Agent Ltd

About Founder

Mr. Han(Chinese name: Zhou Xiang Han) grew up in Henan Province and now living in one of the most famous trading cities in China, YiWu city, with all family members doing international trading business and manufacturing products. He knows to manufacture in China competently and started helping clients source suppliers when he was at University.

Our Address

Office & Warehouse: 1F Building2 unit 37 HeMaChe 1nd District Yiwu City

Postcode: 322000