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We need you to fill the form so we can have enough information to help you find the good solution, the good product and shipping way.

Fill the form: Get Solution

Sourcing Product

We will check factory and shipping company, Then we will send back the information to you via email, your contact that you filled in the form


We need you to confirm all the information, about product quality, price, shipping fee, delivery time and other information


We will start to connect your store to our fulfillment system, so we can automatically to fulfill your order.

Instruction here:  How to connect your store to Eboxman fulfillment system

Fulfillment Automatically

All your order will be fulfilled automatically. And we will send you a google sheet with all information about Product, Fulfillment status, and Payment link.. Then after your payment we will start to fulfill.

Shipping the products

After fulfillment we will ship the product and the product Tracking Number will auto update in your order detail on your store. Every things will be update automatically, so it is very fast


After shipping: If the package lost, we will reship or refund to you for the product cost.

After your customer got the product: If the product is broken or damaged, we will reship or refund to you for the product cost

Bonus Benefits

EboxMan will give you free best course for dropshipping, We bought to share the course to our clients

If you invite your friend to use EboXman service, we will give you the commission base on your friend sales

EboxMan is giving free Facebook account and BM links to client if you have 30 orders per day, at least 3 days.

If you have more than 25 orders per day at least 3 days, we will help you to shoot free ads creative.