EboxMan is doing sourcing and fulfillment like an agent, and the difference is we have the system and work part by part, Professionally, to help our clients.

We have a good relationship with many shipping services. The shipping time is from 5-to 15 business days worldwide. But mainly the shipping time is around 12 working days.

You can fill out the client form, and our team will check the factories and Shipping companies about the product. Then we will send you information about the price and shipping time by email or Facebook chat. It is free!

Client form:https://eboxman.com/get-solution/

EboxMan will always put client benefit on top of our business, so if you the customer gets the package has been broken, damaged, or lost the package.

We will refund the product price or reship the product for you.

Because Eboxman is not a seller on any platform, we get the product directly from factories. And we always try to negotiate to get the best price.

No, No, and No. 100% NO. The reason is that all of our client product is PRIVATE. We will never share it.

We are using Paypal and Bankstranfer. We will make the invoice and send you all the order details before you make any payment via our workspace. So everything will be very clearly

Sourcing: You need to fill out the client’s form, and we will check the factories and shipping. Then we will send you the information via email or chatbox.

Client Form: https://eboxman.com/get-solution/

Fulfillment: After you agree with the price, you must follow the instructions post to connect to our system. Then we will make a google sheet and update all information, so you will easy to check and correct it.

Connect instruction:

Shipping: We will need to send the product from the factory to our warehouse and start packaging (You can ask to do a custom package and label) 

After fulfillment: We have a refund and reship policy if the problem happens. And we hope we will work with a Win-Win attitude so we can fix the problem faster and improve every time. To keep yours and our business running smoothly.

Refund and Reship policy: https://eboxman.com/reshipment-refund-policy/