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It’s coming to the end of 2021. And there are going to be many changes in the new year in product trends, eCommerce trends, and also marketing trends. The world keeps changing every day, especially eCommerce. One thing can work today but will soon become outdated tomorrow.

That’s why today, we would like to update you on some new email marketing trends in 2022, which are among the main part of your marketing strategies. Now, let’s scroll down and see!

7 New email marketing trends in 2022

Privacy in Customer Data

email marketing

One major trend in email marketing that you need to keep in mind is privacy in customer data. Now, with the development of technology and increasing awareness of data privacy, it will become more challenging for you to collect data from your customers.

That being said, it does not mean that email marketing cannot grow in the next year. Marketers will need to find ways to deal with the new situation. Marketers need to comply with the privacy regulation while still acquiring necessary information for their marketing campaign. This is quite not a simple challenge. But it is how we are doing now. There are new trends, new policies, new situations, and we need to live through all these no matter what.

Personalized content

There are now many tools that can help you in your email marketing campaign with personalized content. People have increased demand for everything. They would prefer an email addressing their name rather than a general email. Or they would be more interested in the content which is designed just for them. These are some examples of personalization, which is a new trend in email marketing in 2022. This is an important trend as it seems to demonstrate in other forms of marketing as well. So it’s recommended that you can quickly adopt that trend and prepare yourself accordingly.

User-generated content in Email marketing

email marketing

You may have known that user-generated content is used to promote a brand on many other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But also, it has become a new trend as well in email marketing. This is a great way to get free traffic to your page and increase the conversion rate. When it comes to user-generated content implementation in email marketing, you just need to insert some feedback from your regular customers in your email. Of you can include a poll result, or images of your customers using the products or services, and so on.

Always think of new ideas to use the content from your customers in your email. And that will bring you great results in getting more customers and building trust among people.

 AI Technology

AI has been developing faster than ever before. You can see and hear AI everywhere in any technology. And so does marketing. AI implementation will be the new trend in email marketing next year. Then what does AI can do? AI can help people write content, write emails as well as improve the performance of marketing efforts.

An increase in interactivity

There will be more types of content that can leverage more interactivity from your email marketing campaign. Instead of just sending new arrival to your customers, you can create polls, surveys, and so on to increase interactivity with them. By doing so, you will be able to increase traffic to your site, increase conversion as well as engagement with your customers.

Use multiple platforms to optimize your email

email marketing

It’s necessary that you can use different platforms in your email marketing. As it will help improve your customer experience on both mobile devices and desktops. Your email content should be friendly to mobile users. As they are becoming bigger and bigger every day.

Work as a team

Your business won’t succeed without help from your team, from dropshipping agent, supplier to CS team, a marketing team. So to be successful in email marketing, working as a team is very important. You should engage your whole team to reach the results that you want. Everyone makes sure their steps are well done. And that will make your marketing campaign much better.

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