ffective Ways to Use Google Trends in Your Business

Have you ever used Google Trends to look for dropshipping product ideas? If yes, you may already know some basic knowledge about this tool. If not, don’t worry. You will know some useful ways to use Google Trends to support your dropshipping store through this article. Google Trends now is among the most common and effective tools that every marketer or entrepreneur is using.

If you can use it wisely, this tool can provide valuable data for your decision-making in product selection, SEO ranking, and so on. So now, let’s scroll down and see how we can use it for our dropshipping store:

What is Google Trends?

ffective Ways to Use Google Trends in Your Business

Google Trends is a website by Google. It provides analytic data about top search queries in Google Search. By looking at the Google Trends graph, you can see how popular is the keyword or what is most searched by people all around the world over time.

To use Google Trends, you just need to type in your keyword, then set the filer based on regions and period. And you will know the trend through the graph like it might go upward slowly or it might skyrocket recently or just in some seasons.

How to use Google Trends in your business?

1. Research a dropshipping niche

One of the most effective ways to research your store dropshipping niche is using Google Trends. As you can check the popularity of a particular niche or the interest in a particular topic. You can see how’s the demand for the products during a period of time. For example, if the trend goes down recently, that means people might have lost interest in that niche. Using Google Trends can give you an initial idea of how you want to set up your dropshipping store.

2. Research new keywords for your SEO campaign

ffective Ways to Use Google Trends in Your Business

You can also use Google Trends to research the new SEO keywords. You not only can see the research volume of a particular keyword, but you can also see how the graph line is going. And Google Trends will give you related topics or most searched topics as well.

You need to know what SEO keywords that people are interested in the most so that you can plan your content marketing, product description optimization accordingly. And Google Trends will analyze the data and let you know what is the best keyword you should focus on.

3. Research winning products

Researching winning products for a dropshipping store is what every dropshipper must do. You can follow a dropshipping agent, dropshipping blog. And you can also use Google Trends to do that. Same as when you research dropshipping niche, this tool can give you the data on a particular product’s demand and interest. From the graph, you can make a forecast of how the trend will go. Such as it’s becoming more and more popular. Or there are just seasonal spike and it’s a seasonal trending product.

4. Research data for promotion plan

By getting the data on the popularity of certain types of products across regions will give you insights into the market in various regions or countries. This will help when you want to draw out a promotion plan or marketing plan in those countries. It’s like you can decide to promote the product that is in higher demand in some regions rather than other regions.

5. Research trending topics

ffective Ways to Use Google Trends in Your Business

You can see some trending searches or hottest topics on a daily basis and across countries on Google Trends. And you can use this data for your content marketing or SEO new keywords.

6. Ideas for your content marketing

It’s an effective way to use Google Trends for your content marketing as it will show you the things or topics that people are interested in recently. You can know the trend and have more ideas to write for your audience. It’s good to write about the things that are most discussed by people or the things that they want to know more about. In doing so, you will be able to develop your content marketing and grow the brand’s awareness among people.

Besides, you can use this tool to predict the trend by looking at the graph during a period of time. Then you will know what is going to become trendy and prepare your content in advance.

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