Best dropshipping products in 2021

best dropshipping products in 2021

As a dropshipper, you’ve got a lot of things to work on at this time. Among those is finding the best dropshipping products in 2021 to sell. Picking the right products is the key factor to your business success. Though this is not an easy thing to do, it’s not impossible even for a newbie, either.

So in this article, we will discuss how to find the best dropshipping products in 2021 for your store, meanwhile suggest you some niche ideas to sell in this new year. Let’s get started!

How to find the best dropshipping products in 2021

One of the most common mistakes in finding the best dropshipping products in 2021 for your dropshipping store is based on your personal interest only. Since not all customers are alike. They have different likes and passion from you. Understanding your target audience is a must. But there are always some general features of bestselling products, here are some:

1. Hobbyist products

People love their hobbies and do it frequently, maybe every day, every two days or every week. On the other hand, they love to invest in their hobby equipment and tools. Trekkers are excited to buy trekking equipment. Bikers are willing to spend a great amount of money on bikes and accessories and so on. If you could target a hobbyist niche and connect with your customers’ needs, then you are not far from success.

2. Business products

Dropshipping is not only for individual customers. If you want a long-term and high-volume profitable relationship, then business clients are a good idea for you. They often have higher demand on quality and lower price, but once they trust you, they will order in bulk. So don’t just ignore business clients, but spend time to target them if you can.

3. Products with repeat purchases

There’s nothing better than selling a product being repeatedly purchased. Since that means your customers will come back and order from your frequently. That’s how you make profit every day. So, by selling products that are disposable and/or need to be reordered frequently, you can surely grow rapidly with a lot of loyal customers who keep making purchases from you.

Things to consider when picking the best dropshipping products in 2021

best dropshipping products in 2021

Additional accessories to sell

It will be more profitable if you sell products and their accessories as well. Since people will be more sensitive about a high price item but not on a low price item like accessories. So you will get a larger profit margin with lower-priced accessories. So adding some accessories of your main products to your store is also a good idea to make more profit.

Low turnover

You will find it harder to sell your products if they change every year. It will also take a lot of effort to maintain your site. So try to find products that aren’t updated with new models every year if your don’t want to invest a great amount of time and money in a superb site.

Smaller is usually ideal

Shipping process will another thing you should consider. Your customers are always driven to free shipping products. So selling smaller products rather than large, heavy equipment that’s expensive to ship is a wise option. Selecting the best dropshipping products in 2021 isn’t so easy. It requires you to consider many factors.

Hard to find locally

It’s always a good idea to sell products which are hard to find locally. Since it will increase your chances of success. People are more likely to buy from a local store rather than the one which is so far away which they don’t know and hence trust less. But if the things they are looking for are not sold locally. Then you surely stand a huge chance to make good profit.

Finding the best dropshipping products in 2021 is obviously not a thing you can do overnight, but with a little research, you will gradually find the way out.

Best dropshipping products in 2021 for your business

Health and personal care

Kids’ face masks

Nowadays, masks are so common to everyone. With the pandemic going on, people now care more about their health, especially for their kids. Face masks now can be on the back-to-school shopping lists and among the most important item this year. Kid-friendly patterned masks like cartoon characters, fun animal prints are becoming trendy this year, which make them best dropshipping products in 2021.

Electric toothbrushes

The next product on the list is Electric toothbrushes. You might not be surprised since those products have been around for decades. But the last few years have seen a steady upward trend in sales and searches. Sales has come up dramatically in Christmas and will continue to rise in the next few months.

Yoga mats

People nowadays care more about their health and fitness. In the meantime, they have to stay at home a lot during COVID-19, which leaves them with no choice but to do exercises at home. Yoga is among the best option. That’s why yoga mats are going to be the best products in 2021 for you to sell. Reality has shown that searches for yoga mats surged recently and will be a profitable product that you would not want to miss out on.

Vitamin C Serum

Skincare products can not be off the list of the best dropshipping products in 2021. Among those, Vitamin C serum is a great product to sell. There is a huge rise in sales for vitamin C serum since March 2020. And this trend does not seem to go down soon.

Wardrobe and accessories


Overshirts are so a familiar products to everyone. This kind of clothing never gets old and is used widely by people of many ages. In fact, searches for overshirts suddenly go up in the last two years, which foreshadow a hugely profitable product in this year as well.

This trend will also become more popular during holidays. So if you are selling clothing, overshirts are one of the best dropshipping products in 2021 to add to your product list.

Silk pajamas

People tend to stay home more and enjoy life at home. They work from home most of the time so they don’t have to put on those uncomfortable office outfits or suits. But homewear is what they are paying more attention to. That’s why silk pajamas have become a new trend.

Kitchen and grocery

Air fryers

There has been a steady increase in purchasing air fryers since Chrismas 2020 with a lot of people cooking at home more often. Nothing is better than making a delicious disk but at the same time keep your kitchen clean. So air fryers will be a must-have item in every kitchen this year.

Portable blenders

Blenders are always around for all those years. But portable blenders which are smaller, more mobile will be a better choice for modern homes and small households of one or two people. Due to the pandemic, portable blenders have become a trend since last year till this day, which peaked around Christmas. So if you are looking for kitchen niche, do not ignore one of the best dropshipping products in 2021.

Home and bedroom


Talking about home products, doormats are always on the list. They are must-have items of every house. Now with the effect of the pandemic, people spend more time and money decorating their house, which makes it a good chance to sell home products like doormats.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are becoming more and more popular. There is no surprise if they are the best dropshipping products in 2021. People stay at home more. They care about their living quality at home, especially the air quality. They are even more popular in big cities where the air is polluted by smoke, dusts, and odors.

Office products

Blue light glasses

Staring at a computer screen all day is obviously not good for your eyes and for your health. Other than working hours, people are exposed to blue light-emitting screens all day during their free time for entertainment as well. So now there is an increase in blue light glasses sales and searches these days.  Blue light glasses are specially designed to limit the amount of blue light that enters the eye. In doing so, it helps eliminate health problems like eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness. This is a new product and promising to become the best dropshipping products in 2021.

Tools and home improvement

Smart lights

Speaking of home equipment, smart lights are the new trend. They are not only used to give to people as a gift but also used for home decoration. Those lights can be connected to your phone through an app and you can turn them on or off as well as change color and schedule and program the lighting in your homes.

There is a sharp increase last year and will continue to rise this year, which makes it one of the best dropshipping products in 2021 in home equipment niche.

Smart locks

The last best dropshipping products in 2021 in this niche is smart locks. They provide a hand-free option for locking and unlocking your door. You can use them remotely with little effort. That’s the reason why they have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are simpler, more affordable than traditional complex home security systems.

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