7 Brilliant Ideas for Your TikTok Advertising

Brilliant Ideas for Your TikTok Advertising

It can’t be denied that Tiktok advertising now has become one of the most effective tools to promote your businesses. Video content also plays a bigger role in people’s lives as well. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Tiktok is the place where people feel more comfortable sharing their authentic moments, funny dances with their friends or followers. There are many types of Tiktok advertising you can use. And there are many types of content you can post on TikTok as well.

But what are some good ideas to use TikTok advertising for marketing? These are the best 7 Tiktok Ideas you can apply to small and medium businesses:

7 Ideas for Your TikTok Advertising

1. Behind the scenes

Brilliant Ideas for Your TikTok Advertising

People normally would see all the outside look of your business, such as your products, your ads, etc. But they never know what is going on behind all these things. So it’s great if you can share with your customers how you run your business, how you get things done to bring the products to your customers, how the process is like until they receive the orders.

That will reveal the human side of your business to your customers. And it’s a good way to build your brand image and good relationships with your customers. Of course, you don’t have to show every detail of your process to your customers. Just a short but impressive video would say much about your business and interest people at the same time.

You can show them how you prepare for a product launch, how you choose your products, how you come up with the design, and so on.

2. Product Use Tutorial

You also can use TikTok Advertising to tell your customers how to use your products. This will give your customers a closer look at your products. They cannot see the product or touch it in real life. But by watching your videos, they will know exactly how it is used and how it can benefit them.

For example, if you sell makeup products, you can do a makeup look tutorial video. If you sell clothing, you can post a video of yourself or your employee wearing your products. You can shoot close-up images or videos of the material, design, or anything.

This will entice your customers to buy the products more as they would want to look like the one in the video. And they will be more confident to choose your products as they know what the product is made of and how it is used.

3. Useful Tips or Hacks

Ideas for Your TikTok Advertising

Another content you can promote on TikTok advertising is educational content. You can give your customers useful tips or hacks in your niche. Or you can even give business advice. When you offer your customers free inspirational and useful content, they will trust you more and want to give you something back.

Some educational content you can think of are effective marketing tools for business, tips to run a successful business, or tips to find a good business partner, etc.

4. New Arrival Teasers

Before your product launch, you can use TikTok advertising to build the hype and excitement around it. You can just post a teaser about your product to show that your new arrival is ready for your customers. This is also a way to showcase your product and attract people’s attention.

5. Packaging process

Brilliant Ideas for Your TikTok Advertising

Packaging videos are a brilliant way to both show your customers what happens behind the scenes and show your care towards them. The way you take care of their orders, the way you prepare the packaging, the way you put the thank you card, etc will make them feel more cared for. It’s interesting when you share authentic moments like that with your customers, which will in return engage them with your business. Though you won’t handle packaging on your own, you can always seek help from your supplier or dropshipping agent to do the video.

6. React to your customer’s reviews or comments

Another way to use TikTok advertising to promote your business is to make videos about your customer queries or feedback. It’s like when your customers have interesting comments under your post, or when they make review videos of your products, you make another video that includes those comments or reviews. This is a good way to interact with your customers and make them feel more appreciated.

7. Use trendy music or memes

If you have run out of Tiktok advertising ideas, you can just use some trendy music or memes to create your videos. You will need to spend time searching on Tiktok to update yourself on the latest trends. But it’s necessary all the time. This is a super-effective way to make your post more impressive and interesting to people. It is also effective to get your videos viral and popular among people. Searching the trends at the same time will give you more ideas and inspiration to create more promotion videos.


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