How to drive traffic to your landing page: What are the best techniques?

how to drive traffic to your landing page

How to drive traffic to your landing page? Are there any techniques you can use to encourage people to click on your page? If you are wondering those questions, this article will be a great help for you. Every marketer knows that landing page is a very powerful form of advertisement. In order to achieve your final goal of promoting your brand and getting more sales, you need to know how to make the most of your landing page to load in as many browsers as possible.

Today, we will take a closer look at how to make your landing page stand out, how to expand your traffic sources as the answers of how to drive traffic to your landing page. So, let’s move on to the next parts!

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What is a landing page?

In online marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page that appears when your prospects click on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, email or online ads, and so on. Unlike your website, a landing page usually displays directed sales copy with only one goal: conversion.

How to drive traffic to your landing page: advertise it on your website

how to drive traffic to your landing page

One of the easiest ways to lead people to your landing page is to advertise it on your website. When people visit your page, they can also be attracted to your landing page. Not only this is an effective way, but it also costs you next to nothing. Not to mention you have total control over it. So, below are some methods of how to drive traffic to your landing page using your website:

  • First, you can use a pop-up form directing to your landing page
  • Second, pin a promo banner at the top of your page leading to your landing page
  • Next, add a banner of your landing page to your homepage slider
  • Include your landing page when you tell people what you are selling in your homepage articles
  • Finally, you can use an on-page banner that directs to your landing page

How to drive traffic to your landing page: customers’ email inbox

how to drive traffic to your landing page

Beside advertising your landing page on your website, you can also send an email to your customers. This is another technique of how to drive traffic to your landing page you should master. Sending emails is a great way to tell your current customers about the launch, which in turn helps increase your sales.

People who already buy from you are more likely to place an order again and become loyal customers in the end. So, it’s quite safe both effective to target your current customers in the hope of increasing traffic to your page as well as boosting sales.

When sending your email, you’d better put forward an enticing headline with an attractive offer to your customers. Your email content should be related to your landing page with a powerful call to action urging your customers to click on the link. Also remember to launch a follow-up plan after that. Send automated follow-up emails to those who take action and you will see great results in long term.

How to drive traffic to your landing page: utilize organic social media

A great way of how to drive traffic to your landing page is using organic social media. Now social media has the widest coverage. Almost everyone has their own social media account. So this is where you should utilize it. You should post your landing page link to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.

Your audiences will gradually get used to your brand. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be hard to generate sales. Your job is to provide your audiences with valuable content to urge them to click on the link. The key is to get your brand in front of more people as possible and try to attract them with interesting posts.

Here’s what actually you should do in details:

  • Write several posts that are connected with your product, its features, and its benefits to your customers’ lives
  • Boost the engagement with your audience by posting content that triggers the questions related to your items
  • Create visuals to be pinned or shared on Pinterest with the link leading to your landing page
  • Display on Facebook cover photo with the information of your landing page
  • Include your landing page’s link in your bio or with a swipe-up on Instagram
  • Post a video on your products on your social media accounts 

How to drive traffic to your landing page: co-ordinate with other brands

how to drive traffic to your landing page

Teaming up with other brands in your marketing campaign is another answer to how to drive traffic to your landing page. You can find another brand with like-minded as yours to co-ordinate in promotion programs and widen your audience reach.

You don’t have to think of anything huge. You can always start with a guest post. Especially when you are about to launch a new product. It’s more likely that people are not willing to buy it without any available review or clear information. But if they read it from their favorite blog, there’s more chance that they would give it a try.

How to drive traffic to your landing page: join in forums and question-and-answer websites

A great way to connect with your prospects is through forums and websites. Find any groups or and forums where your potential customers like to share their interests and thoughts. You can go to Reddit, Quora, Facebook, or any local groups if available.

In this approach, you will need to build your relationship with your potential customers with time before getting them to click on your landing page. So, first, post some informative content that is valuable to your audiences. Write posts that are interesting to them. Then, offer a solution to the problem you have mentioned. In doing so, you have directed people to your brand in a natural way rather than spamming them with links.

How to drive traffic to your landing page: enforce your content marketing efforts

Content marketing is a good answer to how to drive traffic to your landing page. Doing content marketing has never been an easy task. You will find that you cannot always come up with something interesting to your audience or attract their attention right away. But this is critical to your whole campaign to place an impact on your customers’ buying decision.

So that is the reason why you should enforce your efforts on content marketing. Instead of merely talking about your products’ features, show your prospects how your products are going to change their lives and solve their problems. Focus on your audiences’ emotions when promoting your products. They would expect to feel happy, relieved, comfort or gain social status when they own your products.

In the end, your content could lead your audiences to your landing page to make a purchase. But it will need time. So just be patient. To add more details, below are a few ideas for your content marketing:

  • Develop your blog post
  • Promote your landing page in your articles by including the links
  • Create pop-ups to direct your browsers to your landing page
  • Try to make your banner and product image look nice with high-quality pictures and good design

How to drive traffic to your landing page: use paid advertising

how to drive traffic to your landing page

You can use many techniques which are free. But let’s face it. It has to cost you something to get the best results. So, paid ads are another idea of how to drive traffic to your landing page. With paid ads, you would easily get your brand in front of many more people. Paid ads bring more direct effects. And it does pay off. So if your budget allows, think of a paid ads campaign that is best suitable for you.

How to drive traffic to your landing page: also think of a paid social media campaign

Apart from paid ads, you should also think of paid social media campaigns. As mentioned, social media spread widely. There’s a huge number of people using social media platforms. That fact offers more advertising opportunities for you than anything else.

Social media is a must in your campaign if you want to attract your customers’ attention and turn browsers into your regular customers. Also, remarketing is also a great idea to win your audiences and therefore boost your sales.

Once you have finished creating your landing page, link this URL to your call to action. Just remember that your content and your landing are a good match and they should share the same message.

Speaking of paid ads on social media, there are a lot of platforms you should use like Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, Youtube. So don’t just focus on one platform or limit your options among those. A good paid social media campaign is always a good technique of how to drive traffic to your landing page.


You already discover several techniques to attract more traffic to your landing page. Using those techniques might be tricky sometimes. But once you create a killer landing page and promote it with the tips provided, the results could blow your mind.

So, if you already have that landing page, congratulations! Now it’s time to take action and make it work. You should experience your landing page yourself and see how it brings a lot of impacts on your business.


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