5 Marketing Tips for Lunar New Year 2021: How To Boost Your Sales

marketing tips for Chinese New Year 2021

Boosting sales is one of the final goals of all marketing campaigns. Updating yourself with some Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 is one important thing you should do when this big holiday is coming, especially if you are targeting China market or any Asia countries where they also celebrate Lunar New Year. As all marketers may know, the Lunar New Year is the biggest time in the Lunar calendar, which is also the time when eCommerce businesses can really prosper with the right marketing moves.

Shoppers tend to spend much more money before and during the Lunar New Year holidays. That’s why it’s crucial for both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce business owners to grab the chance and take a big leap forward.

Shopping habits during the Lunar New Year

Before jumping to some useful marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 for an effective marketing campaign, you should probably get hold of some basic shopping habits of your customers during the holiday. So let’s start with the habits of all shoppers in the Lunar New Year right below:

1. Gift buying

Buying gifts for families, friends, relatives has been an age-old tradition during this holiday. People buy candies, cakes, dried candied fruits, fresh fruits, decoration trees, etc not also for their own home, but also for their parents’ house if they are children working away from their hometown, for their friends and relatives as a new year gift. It’s also really common that they can give material gifts to each other during the holiday apart from lucky money. 

2. Online shopping tends to dominate

marketing tips for Chinese New Year

Today is the era for online shopping, especially with the effect of the pandemic. They buy everything online, which has many benefits like time-saving, product diversity, effort-saving, and so on. Online shopping now is so popular and plays a dominant role in all.

3. Clothes and household appliances become more popular

It’s no surprise since people buy new clothes and also refresh their home design for the holiday wanting a fresh and lucky new year. They clean their house, re-decorate it, wear new clothes and also give new clothes as gifts to their families and relatives.

4. Travel spending is common

Another habit that becomes more common is traveling. After a hardworking year, they are granted many days-off so they will spend this time traveling with their families, their beloved ones.

Above are the common shopping habits of your customers during the holiday. Now it’s time to dig in some marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 to make the most of those habits and make more profits.

5 actionable Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021

marketing tips for Chinese New Year 2021

Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 # 1: Tap into the strong emotions

It can’t be denied that Lunar New Year is the most emotionally powerful time of the year. People get all excited about this time. They all feel cheerful and full of hope. New Year is all about prosperity, bonding with family, and loved ones. So your job is to tap into these feelings in your marketing campaign. Studies found that advertising which provoked a higher than average emotional response generated higher sales. So if you want to win your consumers, use emotion-arousing stories and content to engage your customers deeply with your brand.

Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 # 2: Focus on your customers’ lifestyles

Knowing your consumers’ lifestyles is crucial in capturing them. When you know your customers well, you will find it easier to connect meaningfully with their lifestyles. In doing so, you are more likely to engage with your customers and win their trust.

Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 # 3: Involve the year’s zodiac animal

Each lunar year is associated with one of twelve zodiac animals. This year – 2021 is the year of ox. The zodiac animal also plays an important role in people’s beliefs. Understanding this will give you the advantage to come up with the right marketing. It’s a bad idea to ignore zodiac animals when it comes to marketing for Lunar New Year. You can include the zodiac symbol in your content and put forward any content related to this. Using zodiac animal material is an effective way to provoke your customer’s emotions, beliefs, and promote engagement between you and your people.

Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 # 4: Make sure your marketing spreads on social media

You surely know this Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 by heart. In order to boost your sales greatly during the holiday, you should encourage social media users to engage with your product online and share your content. Shoppers take recommendations seriously and rely on these recommendations when they have to make a buying decision. So to do that, you’d better produce highly shareable content to promote your business and spread it all over social media to catch your people’s attention.

Marketing tips for Lunar New Year 2021 # 5: Don’t stop marketing after the holiday ends

You might think that your job is done when Lunar Near Year ends. However, wven the holiday is already over, you should not stop marketing. Your customers are going to spend money after Lunar New Year also since they got lucky money. So the thing here is not to slow down your marketing efforts at all. Keep doing what you are doing and you will realize it’s a great time to introduce sales on your page and continue advertising to make the most of post-Lunar New Year spending.


Lunar New Year is obviously a vital time for your business. You can end up with huge gains and profits if you can do marketing right. Since this holiday is a big time, it’s always worth taking much more effort and time to come up with a good marketing campaign for your ecommerce business. Focusing on your customers’ emotions, lifestyles, their shopping habits, creating engaging content with zodiac animal material, and even continue your marketing after the holiday ends are what we advise you to do.

Hope that those 5 Marketing Tips for Lunar New Year 2021 will benefit you on a certain level and set the first steps to make your business prosper enormously in the next year.

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