What are Facebook Ads? 6 Reasons why you should use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world with billions of users and continues to grow. This is also an effective channel for marketing agencies, businesses, dropshipping agents, and individuals to promote products and services to consumers.

Facebook Ads has been around for a long time and has become a powerful tool to effectively reach potential customers. So what exactly are Facebook Ads? How do Facebook ads bring optimal benefits to businesses? Let’s find out through the article!

What are Facebook ads?

For those who are just starting to run Facebook ads, it is necessary to clearly understand what does it mean. Knowing the most basic things helps you to have a solid foundation and more easily achieve success. Simply put, Facebook Ads is the name of Facebook’s advertising service.

This is a form of advertising that allows displays to be delivered automatically. Facebook advertising is targeted based on the user’s geographical location, interests, demographics, behavior, etc. Through Facebook Ads, businesses can communicate messages, incentives, brand images, etc. to Facebook users.

6 Reasons why you should use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has a huge number of users

As mentioned above, Facebook is currently a social network with billions of users and continues to grow every day. Facebook has become a familiar social network around the world. Facebook is occupying the highest “market share” in social networking sites. Based on its own advantages, Facebook Ads has been attracting more and more businesses and individuals to participate.

Facebook owns valuable data

When we use Facebook, we agree to provide some personal information to this social networking site. This information is provided voluntarily by users such as real name, gender, year of birth, place of residence, occupation, interests, etc. Moreover, through the process of using, the habits, behaviors, types of content of interest, etc. are also recognized by Facebook. The reason for taking this information is to improve the user experience. Helps to show more accurate content that users are interested in. However, the further purpose of this data is to help Facebook advertising reach customers more accurately.

Reasonable ad delivery

When running Facebook Ads, your ad samples are guaranteed to be displayed reasonably and evenly distributed. Through reports, you can also easily capture when your ads appear, where, how effective, and how to progress.

The ability to spread quickly

Facebook has the ability to spread quickly thanks to its high connectivity. If a customer interacts with your ad, on the Newsfeed of this customer’s friends, your ad will also appear. This action helps attract attention to Fanpage naturally. To do this, in addition to advertising, you also need to create Fanpage content.

Low cost, flexible – High efficiency

What is Facebook Ads and why is it so popular? Many “newbies” will wonder why it costs so much but is used so much. However, this is only a partial view. The reality of Facebook advertising is very flexible. Businesses can pay for Facebook Ads depending on their financial ability and budget for advertising. With Facebook Ads, you only need to spend a small amount of money to reach millions of potential customers.

High flexibility

Facebook Ads campaigns can be adjusted easily and flexibly. Besides, you can run many ads at the same time, adjust the audience, display form, cost to suit each strategy and stage. You can also proactively display the time your ad is displayed to reach as many target customers as possible.

Facebook Advertising also allows leading customers to the sales website of the business. When you’re setting up your ads, you can attach a landing page URL to help increase conversions.

Facebook is now much more fully developed than the original, poor tool. Facebook Ads already has Business Manager, Narrow Audience, Interest & Behavior, Lookalike Audience, Instagram Ads, etc. If the new features of Facebook Ads are well applied, advertisers will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Notes when using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

  • It is just a tool, and its effectiveness depends on how you use it.
  • Don’t think Facebook ads alone are enough. You also need to manage and take good care of Fanpage.
  • Quality of products, services, the advertising content will still be on top.
  • Need to know how to target the right potential customers. Ads should not run rampant, costing but ineffective.
  • Comply with Facebook policy, do not use vulgar language, insults, racism, threatening, generate highly negative feedback, etc.
  • Facebook Ads does not apply to all types of services that are also advertised. There will be many limited advertising services such as ads related to dating, making friends, selling banned substances, etc.

Advertising is a very important part of running a successful dropshipping business. Though choosing the right dropshipping products, dropshipping agent, and dropshipping niche are so important, choosing the right advertising and marketing strategies is a must. And among the most effective advertising tools that we can use, Facebook might be the most powerful. So, we hope that you have learned some basic knowledge about Facebook Ads today, and begin to apply this knowledge to your Facebook Advertising campaign.