Target Audience Analysis

You have made very good advertising content. You have run it for a while on every platform. But you still have no sales. Why? It might be because you have not defined the right target audience. And that leads to advertising your products to the wrong audience.

Knowing your audience is very important to any marketing plan. You need to answer the question: Who is your target audience? Or who would buy from you? So today, let us show you how to do a Target Audience Analysis to check it out.

What is a target audience analysis?

Target audience analysis means that you will describe your audiences in terms of many aspects like age and gender, income, education, location, or their behaviors or interests. This will give you valuable insights to plan for your business strategy later on.

In general, there is a variety of demographics that you need to investigate to perform a target audience analysis which usually includes:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Income
  • Cultural and social background

The more aspects you take into consideration, the narrower your target audience would be.

For example, let’s say you are selling baby products, your potential buyers are parents. They are more likely to be married. They are normally around 20 to 45 years old for instance. Like it’s less likely that you can sell those products to teenagers or students.

Why you should do target audience analysis?

Target Audience Analysis

Though there are many things that your sourcing agent dropshipping can help you with, you need to take care of your advertising. Analyzing your audience is a must if you want to make sales. Just imagine you are spending hundreds of dollars running ads to the wrong shoppers and get no sales from that. You will keep losing money without any progress. But if you show your ads to the right audience, the conversion rate will be much higher. You will get more customers and more profits.

Without target audience analysis, you cannot define who needs your products and who will be more likely to buy from you. If you keep presenting your products to those who don’t want them, it’s all in vain.

For example, if you are selling sports bras, you can target women who are also interested in running, gym, yoga, etc. You can also narrow it down by age and income based on the product price. With different groups of target audience, you can choose a different way or a different content to appeal to them. This will be more successful than just one idea for all.

Like we have mentioned above, showing your ads to the right people will save you a lot of time and money. You can manage your budget effectively to achieve your business goals. You know what you will focus on and what you don’t need to do. That’s what a target audience analysis can help you.

How to do a target audience analysis?

Target Audience Analysis

Now you know how a target audience analysis is important to your advertising, it’s time to learn some tips to do it:

1. Understand your product

A target audience analysis should start from your understanding of your product. You need to find out everything about your product. What are its features? What are the benefits? What is the material? What is interesting or outstanding about your products? And so on.

Once you fully understand your product, you will know why your customers should buy it, who will like and want to buy it.

2. Collect demographic and psychographic data

The next tip to perform a successful target audience analysis would be collecting demographic data and psychographic data. Demographic data will include many elements like gender, age, education, etc. The list can be longer depending on your product.

Psychographic data will involve their behaviors, their hobbies, interests, or opinions.

3. Identify your target audience needs

All the above data is just not enough. Once you have your product and your audience data, you need to know how your product would relate to them. Or What are your audience’s problems. And how your product can solve their problems.

You can find answers to those questions using surveys, social media, keyword research, visiting forums, etc to know what they need and what they want.

4. Create a marketing persona

From the information that you have collected, you will be able to create a marketing persona. A marketing persona is the presentation of your ideal customer based on what you have found about them.

There are many ways you can create a marketing persona. You can do surveys of real customers, do research online, or visit your niche-related forums and blogs.

5. Use Google Analytics

Another tip to do target audience analysis is using Google analytics. It is a great source of information for you. There are 3 main elements you will need to look at:


Google Analytics will provide detailed information about the age and gender of your audience. Given that, you will know who visited your page and what they looked for.


The Interests report gives you insights into your audience’s likes, dislikes, habits, hobbies, and so on. Based on that, you can create appealing marketing content for them.


Knowing the location of your audience will help you define what language they are using and what culture they have.

6. Use Facebook Insights

The final tip to perform a target audience analysis is using Facebook Insights. It’s mostly used by all marketers because it’s popular and also easy to use. You can quickly pinpoint who viewed your content and see them by section, age and gender, country, or device.

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