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YouTube Shorts has increased in popularity as entertaining short-form videos have been increasingly popular lately. It is a great technique to attract the correct viewers to your channel by getting your content in front of them.

This article will explain what YouTube Shorts are, where they can be found, why you should make them, and other things.

To compete with rivals like Instagram Reels and TikTok, YouTube created YouTube Shorts, a short-form video tool, in 2020. Content producers can use this tool to record brief videos up to 60 seconds long and add music or sound effects using the YouTube app.

Although platform users have technically been able to use the app to create videos since 2012, Shorts stands out since it provides a few capabilities that are not present in ordinary films. To begin with, it gives a multi-segment camera so that producers can combine several clips into a single Shorts video.

Additionally, creators have access to tools for hands-free recording, playback speed adjustment, a sizable music collection, and countdown and timer tools.

Let’s start now.

Why try YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts, which debuted on September 14th, 2020, in India and went nationwide on March 18th, 2021, fast topped 6.5 billion daily views worldwide. On July 12th, 2021, Shorts was formally made available to 100 nations globally in beta mode.

Short is a new method to express oneself in 15 seconds or less, according to YouTube’s VP of Product Management. Who also called it “a new short-form video experience for producers and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.”

The short-form videos that YouTube is attempting to produce are similar to those found on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Spotlight, Twitter Fleets, and even LinkedIn Stories (RIP).

Additionally, YouTube is no stranger to short-form videos.

The first upload for the channel was barely 18 seconds long. However, what makes YouTube Shorts unique is its capacity to increase channel subscribers, which is essential for marketers and creators.

You can include the Shorts widget in your central channel or make a separate channel for your Shorts when setting up YouTube Shorts. Nevertheless, we advise maintaining your Shorts on your primary track.

This is because having your YouTube main feed content and your Shorts content in one spot will make it simpler for your audience to watch your videos. Provide them more opportunities to do so, and ultimately encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

Viewers can find your Shorts by tapping Shorts at the bottom of the YouTube app.

Alternatively, audiences can access Shorts:

  • On the YouTube homepage
  • On your channel page
  • Via notifications

Where Do YouTube Shorts Appear?

YouTube Shorts

Shorts are a terrific approach to draw visitors who aren’t already subscribers to your channel because they can be found in several locations inside the YouTube app. Even the mobile app has a specific tab for it that you can reach by hitting the “Shorts” icon at the bottom of the screen. On the YouTube website, the left-hand panel provides access to the same tab.

Additionally, when browsing the YouTube homepage on the app, viewers could come across suggested Shorts. One of these Shorts can be viewed alongside a typical YouTube video by viewers. When users click on the Shorts, the video is automatically paused; when they shut the Shorts, the film is automatically resumed.

Shorts are a fantastic method for content producers to broaden their reach and increase their audience because they are so easily found on the YouTube homepage. Consider shorts as unpaid samples used to draw customers into a store. They can give viewers a taste of the caliber of your content and perhaps encourage them to visit your channel and view more of it.

Why Create YouTube Shorts?

You might be wondering why you need to create Shorts if you already routinely produce YouTube videos. YouTube Shorts may play a key role in your video content strategy, whether you’re a marketer, brand, or content producer looking to increase visibility and engagement on the site.

Reaching a Bigger Audience

First of all, you can find youTube Shorts in a few locations. The Shorts page on the website or the Shorts tab on the mobile app both make it simple for viewers to find your Shorts.

Additionally, Shorts can be seen on the YouTube app’s home page.

Therefore, there are several chances for viewers to see your Shorts, whether they are browsing the homepage or actively hunting for Shorts to watch. This enables you to expose your content to potential viewers who have expressed interest in similar content but haven’t yet subscribed to your channel.

Can entice viewers of your Shorts to visit your channel by their curiosity to see what other content you have produced. And if they enjoy what they know, they might eventually subscribe, which would increase your subscriber count and fan base.

Appealing to Changing Audience Demand

YouTube Shorts

Short-form videos appear to be taking the world by storm thanks to the exploding popularity of TikTok and Reels. Viewers—especially younger ones—are gravitating toward shorter web movies, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend.

According to a survey by soul Publishing, 84 percent of viewers watched shorter movies for the same length of time or more during the pandemic than they had previously. These little movies offered a pleasant diversion from the difficulties of epidemic life. Additionally, 69 percent of customers reported watching these brief videos every day for anything from 30 minutes to three hours.

These figures only reinforce the worth of brief video formats like YouTube Shorts. And it’s about time you started making them if you want to keep up with the shifting audience demand.

Maintaining Publishing Frequency

YouTube Shorts allow you to quickly put together content without spending hours coming up with ideas and making fresh videos because they are brief and straightforward to make. Short video clips can be recorded, assembled into longer videos, and then edited in the app by adding music or changing the playback speed.

This allows you to continue your regular publication schedule and maintain audience interest even as you produce more extended in-depth videos. As a result of all of this, you might be able to win over the YouTube algorithm and rank higher for lengthier films as well. And that translates into greater exposure, better viewing, and more subscribers.

Some channels only produce Shorts, like Peachybbies, which sells handcrafted slime. Instead of long-form videos, the channel practically daily posts short videos. Many of these films receive over 800,000 views, almost as many as the number of channel subscribers, attesting to Shorts’ popularity (which currently stands at 922,000).


There is a sizable audience on YouTube, and it is made up of people from different age groups, ethnicities, and interests. Therefore, it is highly likely that the platform has users who meet the criteria for your ideal target market. In other words, marketers and content producers in various markets and sectors can benefit from using YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts has a broader audience mix than other short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which slightly skew toward a younger audience looking for fun. Therefore, Shorts can help you connect with a suitable audience regardless of whether you’re attempting to reach a B2B audience or want to offer your knowledge as an industry expert. Numerous content producers use YouTube Shorts to draw visitors and engage their audience, including cosmetics artists, dermatologists, and even ER technicians.

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