Tips to Make Great Google Ads

Google Ads is an effective tool to promote your business for sure. But do you know how to create good Google Ads and make the most of it to build your brand and boost sales, especially when you are just a beginner and do not have much money? Well, don’t worry. We will find the answer in today’s post. We have compiled here 9 tips to create effective Google Ads based on our experience. So, let’s begin!

9 tips to use Google ads to boose your sales

1. Set your goals

Tips to Make Great Google Ads

First things first, you need to set a clear goal. Before running Google Ads, or any marketing strategy, you need to know what you target and what results you want to get. You won’t get anywhere without knowing what direction you are heading, right? So does your marketing campaign.

So, write down some big achievements or business goals you want to get. You should begin with overall goals, then narrow them down to smaller ones. With your goals written down clearly on paper, you will find it much easier to think of an action plan to get what you want. These goals will decide every effort when you create your Google Ads.

2. Try to get the best quality score

Tips to Make Great Google Ads

This may seem so obvious to you, but it is truly important. Get the highest quality score you can to improve your ranking. Make sure keywords, landing pages, etc of your ads are all good.

3. Try specific and longtail keywords

Instead of choosing general keywords, you should try a more specific one. As longtail and specific keywords will make it easier to target your audience. The more general your keywords are, the harder you can reach your target audience. As the audience is so wide, and your keywords do not focus on the right one.

4. Optimize your landing page

Tips to Make Great Google Ads

The purpose to create good ads is to get more people to lick on. But it doesn’t stop there. You need to attract them so that they can visit your page and find out more about your product, then even make a purchase. You will want to keep your customers on your site without leaving so soon. That will affect your ranking on Google as well. So, the next tip would be optimizing your landing page and make it appealing to your customers.

5. Make sure all ad content is filled in

Tips to Make Great Google Ads

If you want your ads to perform well, make sure that you fill in all the ad content from the Final URL, headline, Path 1&2, Description line, etc. Those will help tell more information about your product and improve your ad effectiveness.

6. Use Ad extensions

It’s recommended that you should add extensions to your ad. They can be location, features, callout, and so on. This will help your ad be more visible to people, for example when you are near their location. And that means you will have more chance that they will click on your ad, visit your page and seek your help.

7. Try negative keywords

Another great tip to boost your Google Ads performance is to use negative keywords. That means you will let Google know what your products are not associated with. By doing so, your ads won’t be shown to those search keywords that will not bring your target audience.

8. Focus more on mobile

Most people use mobile devices to search the web and view ads, And more people would do that in the future. So it’s important that you should invest more in mobile and drive your budget to mobile. This will give you bigger chances to engage mobile users and get more visits as well as more sales.

9. Analyze your work

The last tip to make sure your Google Ads are performing the best is to constantly test and analyze your work. You will need to know what search brings your more visits and what interests people the most. Based on your analysis, you will know how to improve your next ad and crate more ideas for your Google Ads campaign.

Running ads may be the most costly task in dropshipping. You don’t need to spend on inventory management, warehouse, store rental, or you don’t even spend much money to pay your supplier or dropshipping agent to source the product. But it may take a lot of money to run your advertising campaign. So if you have a small budget but still want to make the most of your Google Ads, it’s useful to use the above tips to boost your ad performance. Remember to set clear goals, use longtail keywords, try negative keywords, use extensions and invest more on mobile if possible.

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