Update to Detail Targeting Expansion That You Should know!

Update to Detail Targeting Expansion That You Should know! 1

You may notice there’s one update from Detail Targeting Expansion of Facebook ads these days. So what are the updates? And what are we going to do about it? Let’s check out this post and you will know!

How does Detail Targeting Expansion work?

Detail Targeting Expansion

Recently people are facing a problem that the Detail Targeting Expansion button in the Ad set is gone, and Facebook turns on by default. So many people reported that they have run ads without sales, or untick and the sale was good. But when Facebook updated, the ads do not sell anymore.

But first, we need to understand what is Detail Targeting Expansion? When it is enabled, Facebook will automatically expand the audience file beyond what you are targeting if Facebook sees the potential to increase campaign performance.

Detail Targeting Expansion will not expand Demographics. That means if you target females from 20 to 25 years old, it will stay the same. There’s no way it will expand to females aged 25 to 30, for example.

In theory, Detail Targeting Expansion should only be used by Facebook when our campaign is not effective. And Facebook sees potential for improvement if it uses Detail Targeting Expansion. And if the campaign is good, it will not be turned on.

But how it actually runs. No one knows.

You can use Detail Targeting Expansion for all Objectives except Reach and Awareness. Detail Targeting Expansion will be automatically turned on for the optimal campaign according to Conversion, Apps Event, and Value, the rest can be turned off.

If you want to see the width of a file, there is a way to choose Objective in Campaign to reach and check!

What can we do with this update?

Detail Targeting Expansion

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do. The only thing we can do is optimize Creative, Product Ideas, Mockup… We have discussed Power 5 of Facebook in one of our articles. Facebook wants Advertisers to target widely and use Facebook’s AI to optimize the campaign instead of targeting deep and small, as much as before.

Perhaps this update is also for that purpose. It is to save the Advertiser’s money after the iOS incident to offset the revenue. No matter what, the Advertiser is still the one who suffers when they spend more on ads but Facebook delivery is so bad. The sale doesn’t exist and no one benefits from that.

This update will cause a lot of difficulties for newcomers when the data such as pixels, pages… are all new and are not there. But how do you know? Facebook is mastering the game. If you want to use it, you have to accept it. There’s no other choice.

So, the advice is that newbies should focus more on creating more Mockups, Ideas, designs. You can learn more about advertising tips, brand building, content marketing, read more about dropshipping blogs, seek more ideas from your dropshipping agent. And it will be easier to win the campaign!

So, that’s all we would like to share with you today. Just a short update. But we believe it does have a big impact on your advertising campaign and on your business. But as you may know, things change every day in the eCommerce business. And we need to learn to cope with it. That’s why we need to update ourselves every day. We need to learn every day. We need to look for ideas every day.

We find ways to improve our work every day. Because no one knows if things work today will work tomorrow. So, we truly hope that this article will help you have a better understanding of Detail Targeting Expansion and how to fight it back.


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