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You have run some Facebook ads but still see no results? You question yourself why your Facebook ads are not working? Well, let me tell you. This is very common. And don’t worry. You are not the only one who encounters the same problem.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the business or an experienced entrepreneur, you can fail sometimes. So in this article, we will take a closer look what are the most common reasons why your Facebook ads are not delivering and how to fix those issues.

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10 reasons why your Facebook ads are not working

facebook ads

1. Your target audiences are too broad

The first reason is related to your audience size. Maybe it is too broad. Targeting the right audiences is critically important. Even if your Facebook ads are very good, but you are showing them to the wrong audiences, the results could not be as you expected.

You can foresee the results if you are selling kid’s clothes to young students, right? Or even broader audiences like all people from young to old. This is not going to work well.

But, how can you tell who is your target audience and how to narrow it down? Let’s take a look at some tips below:

  • First, find out more about your target audiences using Facebook Audience Insights. You need to understand what are their buying behaviors, likes and dislikes, age, gender, and so on.
  • Try to understand your customers’ interests. What do they concern about?
  • Remove the countries where you cannot ship your products to
  • Choose and set up the same language as your website’s language

2. Your target audiences are too narrow

Contrary to a too broad audience, another common mistake is targeting a too narrow audience. If your audience size is too small, you are going to miss a great number of potential customers. That’s the reason why your Facebook ads do not deliver and bring you sales.

Furthermore, if you are targeting narrow audiences, you are going to spend more on your clicks and it becomes more expensive with less effectiveness though. Again, nothing better than targeting the right audience. Not too narrow nor broad. Don’t include anything unnecessary but don’t exclude something for personal reasons like the countries you don’t like.

3. You are using low-quality Facebook Ads

facebook ads

The next reason comes from your ad itself. It’s not the audience that matters. Maybe your ads don’t attract any attention from your potential customers at all. You should look at your ads again. Are they boring or not informative enough to your audience? What could be wrong? And how can you fix it?

Most of the Facebook ads are always visual. People will look at the pictures or videos before they read the message. So, the first thing you need to do is to take good care of your visual content. There are some tips that you can make your visual content better:

  • Your visual should be relevant to your message
  • It should be bright and eye-catching
  • You should use the right size and ratio
  • Make sure it does not contain any political, sexual, or shocking elements
  • It’s better to show your audience how your product works in action
  • Don’t include too much text in your ads. Keep it clear and short. Too much text does not bring good results for your marketing campaign
  • Another tip is to use video in your ads. Videos are the most effective visual content. People will pay more attention when you use videos.

Apart from the above tips, we recommend that you can visit Facebook Ads Help Center and learn some useful tricks from there. Just take time to study and try then you will eventually get solid experience in making good ads.

4. You don’t do split testing

You cannot be sure which part of your ads perform and what not without testing. No matter how experienced you are, you can make mistakes here and there. Even when you are quite confident in your ads, it could go wrong somewhere. Or it could perform best where you think it will not. Nothing is so sure to work in reality.

That’s why split testing is in place. There are many elements in your ads that decide if your ads are going to work or not. They can be the headlines, images, texts, call-to-actions, and so on. So what if your ads do or do not work and you don’t know why? You will have to understand which elements work best and why so that you can improve the current and the next ones.

So the tip is to turn on an A/B test on Facebook. In order to test a particular element in your ads, you will change that element only and keep the rest unchanged. In doing so, you can see how people respond to the changes and evaluate the effectiveness of each element. After that, you will be able to decide what best to include in your ads.

Some ideas to test in your split testing could be your ad types, your image colors, its length, headlines, and so on. These tests can take you from a couple of days to weeks. Just be patient and wait for your results.

5. You test only one type of Facebook ads format

Even after you have done all the split testing, your Facebook ads still do not work? If so, you should consider examining your Facebook ads format. Maybe you are using just one format only. This could lead to effectiveness since you cannot be sure this format will be consistent with your objectives. Furthermore, you cannot tell if other formats may work better.

So, we recommend that you should try all types of Facebook ad formats to see which one performs best before you make a decision.

6. You keep using the ideas that proved inefficient earlier

This is a very common mistake. Even after many split testing and you know that your ads won’t work, you are still confident in your ads and keep it running. But the results are not positive. You receive no good sales.

So the thing is if you notice that your ideas are not efficient, just create something else. Don’t be sticking to what does not work and you know that for sure. It’s wiser if you can stop what you think a good idea but reality proves it’s not.

7. Your budget is too low or too high

Budget is another element to the success of your ad. Inadequate budget can lead to ineffectiveness. You can’t expect too many sales if you don’t want to invest, right? Your small budget cannot cover all your audience. Fewer people see your ads means fewer sales.

On the contrary, if your budget is too high, you will lose a bunch of money unnecessarily. There are so many ads out there, so make sure your ads will stand out. A reasonable budget is the key to reach your potential customers.

You can raise your budget if your ads perform really well and cut down your budget if they do not. Try to keep your budget at a reasonable rate to reach your best performance with the least amount.

8. You keep showing the same Facebook ads to past buyers

The next reason why your Facebook Ads don’t work is that you keep showing the same ad to past buyers. Just imagine that you just bought a T-shirt from an online store, then the next day, the T-shirt ad keeps chasing you. It’s definitely not a good idea.

Keeping showing your past purchasers the same ad could make them feel annoyed. Moreover, this way never ends up more sales for you. So don’t waste your time and money in doing so. Remember to exclude all past purchasers from your ad campaign and add them to the others which are designed for warm audiences.

9. You don’t prepare your website

Another mistake when you run your ads is that you just focus on your promotion campaign and forget to prepare your website. Your Facebook Ads are very good. People are attracted to them and go visit your site. But then they just feel so disappointed there and just leave because your site is so plain, not catchy, or not easy to navigate.

You never want this to happen. So beside working hard on your Facebook Ads, get other things done as well. Because other factors like your website can affect the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Great Facebook ads are totally not enough to make people buy from you. The key is to prepare everything for your visitors after you lead them through the door. Make sure your site works well with high-quality pictures, comprehensive descriptions, informative videos, and clear customer review sections.

10. You don’t choose the right time to launch your Facebook ads

Running your ads at the right time is another factor in your success. Many people don’t take this into account. But it is critically important. You’d better do research to figure out the best schedule for your ads campaign. You should study the time zone where your audiences live, their lifestyles, when do your audiences check their news feeds, and so on. To do that, you should have a fairly understanding of your audience: who are they, where do they live, what are their lifestyles.

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