6 Factors to Identify a Winning Dropshipping Product

Winning Dropshipping Product

Are you looking for a winning dropshipping product for your store? But how could you identify a winning dropshipping product? Are there any factors that we can count on? The answer is yes. And you are going to explore these factors in this article. So let’s go!

What is a winning dropshipping product?

Winning Dropshipping Product

Before going deeper into how to identify and find one, we need to understand what a winning dropshipping product means. Do you have the answer for your own? Why call it a winning product?

Because it attracts your target audience and sells like crazy. The answer is quite simple. But finding the right winning dropshipping product for you has never been so easy. You can look at thousands of products that are selling really well on Amazon or AliExpress, but how can you tell one of these is a winning dropshipping product?

We will help you out by giving 6 main factors to spot a winning product as below:

6 Factors to identify a winning dropshipping product

1) The “wow” factor

Winning Dropshipping Product

A winning dropshipping product must grab people’s attention immediately so that they cannot ignore or forget it once they see it. So we call it the “wow” factor. The product must be unique or mind-blowing. When people see it, they will think: “Wow, I’ve never seen it before!”. So that’s the point! The winning product must have the “wow” factor above all.

2) Not available in normal retail stores

If you sell a product that is available everywhere in any retail store, then why must your customers bother to buy from you? Why do they have to wait for like 2 or 4 weeks to receive that product all the way from China while they can just buy from their local store?

That’s the problem. Your winning dropshipping product must only be available in your store. It should not be easy to find the product in any local store, then you will stand a good chance to sell it and make good profits.

3) Good profit margins

Even when you have found a very good product, but then you discover that you can not make a lot of money out of it because of low-profit margins, then do you want to sell it or not? Yeah no. And you should not dropship that product. You need to find the one with good profit margins.

4) Solve a problem or make life easier

Winning Dropshipping Product

Yeah, a winning dropshipping product should solve your customers’ problem for sure. People only buy a product that they think will benefit them or will make their lives easier. For example, a microwave steam cleaner will make the microwave clean and odorless in just a few minutes. It does solve the problem people have with the microwave and save their time as well. People want to buy that product because they see its benefits.

5) Not heavy, dangerous, too big to ship, or a copyrighted product

Like any other dropshipping product, a winning product should not be too heavy, too big to ship, potentially dangerous nor a copyrighted product. As a dropshipper, we should choose a product that is affordable, easy to ship, and safe. You don’t want to get into trouble or get sued when selling the above types of products.

6) Is it selling well by other competitors?

A winning product must be selling well, of course. If it cannot sell then you definitely don’t want to do the same. You can have a look at other competitors to see if they are doing well with the product. If things are positive and people are crazy about that product, then it’s a good sign.

If you see an ad on Facebook that has so many views and engagement, then it’s an indicator of a winning dropshipping product, too. You can also look at Google or use other tools to see if a particular product is selling well at the moment.

How to be sure that an item is a winning dropshipping product?

Once you have found a product that fulfills all the above factors, you also need to test it to be sure it’s the right winning product for you. You can test on PPE if you are using Facebook Ads. Create the ad sets and run them for a day. You will identify if it performs well or not based on the data you get.

Or if you feel overwhelmed by a long list of products and don’t know how to tell which one is a winning product, you can seek advice from your dropshipping agent. They have been working with so many sellers and they will know what is selling well and what product is highly potential right now.


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