What do you need? A perfect product or a winning marketing strategy?

Dropshipping: Newbie need to know
Dropshipping: Newbie need to know
What do you need? A perfect product or a winning marketing strategy?
What do you need? A perfect product or a winning marketing strategy? 1

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You’ve heard a lot about winning products, top product sourcing agents, best ads creative, but have you ever thought about winning marketing strategy? How is it important? Is it the winning product or the winning marketing strategy that decides your success? Let’s discuss today to find a totally different perspective on this matter.

Winning products vs. Winning marketing strategy?

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A perfect product is good. Yes. Your store can be very competitive when you offer your customers a much better product than others. People prefer higher quality. Good products benefit your customers a lot more. But is it the only one that matters? Do you just get a product sourcing agent to search and find the best product for you? And that’s enough for success?

Well, with our experience in the field, we do think that it’s the winning marketing strategy that decides your business success. You can have a winning product that is good and trendy now on the market. But if you don’t market it effectively, people won’t buy it.

You don’t believe it? Just take an example. Look at McDonald. McDonald is the biggest fast-food brand all over the world. Can you tell it has the greatest food? Nope. Obviously, it doesn’t. Of course, it’s quick and convenient. But not the greatest food by far. But why is it so successful? Because their marketing and branding are on point! Their winning marketing campaign, not the best product makes them the greatest brand.

How to market your product?

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Like we have shared in finding your product, you need to market your product with emotion. Spend time thinking about the emotional angle that you market to people. Think about what could be a good ad copy. And note down whenever you have any ideas. After that, you need to test if it works in real life. Just test many different things until you find out what will work and what will not.

So basically, you will need to spend a lot of time contemplating your emotional angle to come up with good ads, good headlines, and so on. You will notice how a winning marketing campaign can make a real impact and just a minor change in your ad copy will make a huge difference.

Because it’s the emotion, convenience, benefits that sell, not the product features only, or not because the product is on sale. The sale is just the promotion. People buy because they see the benefits of the product. They buy because of emotions, not because of free shipping, not sale-off, etc.

For example, let’s say you are selling teeth whitening. The main benefit of the product is that it helps people feel more confident with their smile when they go out or when they meet their friends, their coworkers. So if you market the product with the sale only like: “Go shopping because it’s on sale today!”, it’s not going to work.

But if you say: “Do you want to be more confident with your smile? Get our teeth whitening now!”, it’s going to be much better. Of course, people will know the benefit of teeth whitening. They know they will be more confident with white teeth. But by saying the benefit of that product in your ad copy, you are reminding them and affirming them again with the benefit. And your customers will be more inclined to buy your product.

To sum up, there are many emotional angles you could go with your product. It can be confidence, convenience, or just saving time and so on. So just think of the angle you would use in your winning marketing strategy and do testing to see what works best. And that’s exactly what you should focus on when you are selling emotions. Just keep in mind, you are selling emotions, not the product.


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