8 Basic Steps To Successfully Build Your Brand

Basic Steps To Successfully Build Your Brand

If you are running a dropshipping store, do you ever think of building your business into a big and trustworthy brand in the market? You can be selling really well. You have good products and a good dropshipping agent that offer outstanding service. But what can you do to keep making sales for a long time, say 10 years later? And why your customers should choose your store instead of thousands of other stores out there?

The answer is that you should build your brand.  A brand is the soul of your business. You are not just building a store, but you are building authority, building a brand. A brand will make you stand out from other competitors. A brand makes a big influence on audience perception and establishes a large and loyal customer base.

So today, we will help you draw out your plan by sharing with you the 8 steps to successfully build your brand. Let’s go!

Why You Should Build Your Brand?

Basic Steps To Successfully Build Your Brand

Imagine you want to buy a new pair of sneakers, what would you choose? You would prefer a big brand like Nike, Adidas, or an unknown store that offers a much cheaper price? Yes, big brand matters. People tend to trust recognized brands more. They are willing to pay extra money as long as they find the brand reliable. As they believe that the brand will offer better products and professional service.

And that’s what a brand means. Building your brand is a long-term strategy with huge benefits to your business. You cannot do it overnight. But you need to be persistent and build up bits by bits, day by day.

How To Build Your Brand In 8 Steps

Now let’s look at how you can build your brand and establish your authority by these 8 steps:

1. Identify Your Audience

Before you start to build your brand, you need to know who you are targeting. You need to understand who they are, what they like, what they need, what you can offer them. You cannot offer people something that they don’t want and don’t care about. So be careful when you choose your target audience. If you choose the right audience for your store, it will be much easier for you to come up with your brand design, your marketing and sales strategy.

Be specific when it comes to audience targeting. Look around to see what other competitors are attracting their customers. And create buyer personas to have a more detailed view of how your ideal customer looks like.

2. Establish Your Brand Position

Basic Steps To Successfully Build Your Brand

Once you have some knowledge about your audience, you will also have a general idea of your brand position. If you are targeting pet owners with medium income, you cannot become a luxury brand. And if you are selling valuable jewelry, you are not a budget-friendly brand. That’s the difference when you decide on your brand position.

You can leave a short description of what you are doing in your brand positioning statement. This will help your customers understand who you are and who you are trying to reach. Also, voice up your brand by stating what makes you different from other competitors and what makes your brand memorable to your customers.

3. Choose Your Brand Name

One of the most important steps to build your brand is to pick a brand name. As the name will say all about your brand in just one or two words. And eventually, what people remember about you is your brand name.

4. Tell Your Story

A brand is a story about your store. So when you build your brand, try to tell your customers what happened behind the scene. Let them know why you do what you are doing, how you set up your business, what is your vision, how your product will change people’s lives, and so on.

Telling your brand story will help bring you closer to your customers, connect emotionally with them, engage them with your store and create respect towards your brand.

5. Create a Positive Look

Building your brand will involve creating your brand’s look as well. You will need to design your own packaging, website, background, and so on. Those looks will help people recognize you just at a glance. So be choosy when you decide your brand design, brand colors, imagery, and so on.

6. Design Your Brand Logo

Basic Steps To Successfully Build Your Brand

The logo is one of the most important elements you must think of when you build your brand. If the brand is big enough, people can just tell your brand from your logo like Apple, Amazon, or McDonald’s. You should put enormous effort into designing your own logo as it must be meaningful, simple, but memorable, and outstanding so that people can easily remember it.

It’s best if you can have a professional to do the designing job for you. You can use brand emblems, letter marks, or icon types to visualize your logo.

7. Write Your Brand Slogan

Apart from a memorable logo, you should have an impressive slogan. A well-written slogan will help your audience understand your brand and know what is your value and vision. You can use metaphor to demonstrate your brand meaning or just a short phrase to spread your brand attitude. Think of your brand slogan carefully, as it’s your brand voice to people.

8. Present Your Brand To People

Once you’ve already gone through the above 7 steps to build your brand, you should begin to share it. As it cannot become popular if you don’t present your brand everywhere. You need to create a wide reach and make your brand visible to your audience. You can market your brand on your store, social media, your ads, and so on. The purpose is to get your brand known as much as possible.

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