9 Easy ways to make your “Ad Copy” attractive 

9 Easy ways to make your “Ad Copy” attractive 

“Ad copy” refers to the copywriting of advertisements—the combination of headline, main body, and call to action written to form an ad. It could be in written copy or video copy. It could be hidden in a written or audiovisual copy. There is written material in the form of a typical sales letter. You do, however, have a video copy. The use of video copy is growing in popularity. A dynamic individual verbalizes all that would be covered in typically written copy in effective video copy.

Ad copy’s purpose is to boost conversion rates and earnings. There are three strategies to increase the profitability of a company. You can boost sales by increasing traffic to the sales page, increasing the value of the product or service, or increasing the percentage of website visitors who become customers. The most effective strategy to boost a company’s profitability is to increase the conversion rate.

9 Easy ways to make your “Ad Copy” attractive

9 Easy ways to make your “Ad Copy” attractive 

This is accomplished by emphasizing the most important features of a product or service and explaining them to potential customers in a way that they can understand. As recommended by many successful businesses and dropshipping agents, Ad copy is powerful and effective when used correctly. Here are some examples of ad copy that will catch your customer’s attention:

Ad copy Tip #1: Giveaway/Discount

Remember most customers prefer to have good items with good prices, attract them by giving discount is always a great way. Consider including a discount/giveaway in your advertisements. If you’re having a deal on a specific item, make sure to mention it in your ad copy. If you aren’t, consider holding a deal for anyone who comes to a certain product page via an advertisement.

“All men’s jacket are 30% off”
“Get $49 discount for your first purchase.”
“Try three months free”

Ad copy Tip #2: Scarcity closes the deal quicker

You’re more likely to get them to take action if you mention that a deal is about to expire or that an item is about to go out of stock. People will be compelled to click because they don’t want to miss out on something they believe will be gone soon. To increase click-through rate, try running an ad that mentions a limited-time deal or make them believe this is their last chance to have your products.

“Only 13 tickets left!”
“Last chance to get unique wallets”
“The show has only 5 seats left!”

Ad Copy Tip #3: Get Influencer involved

Include industry influencers in your content to gain increased awareness from a certain audience. Potential clients are more likely to engage if they identify the influencer who is promoting the promotion. Influencer evidence offers your proposal instant legitimacy and a face that people can relate to. Examine your target audience’s social profiles for influencers who are particularly relevant to them.

“Justin Fiber love wearing our shoes”
“Be trendy with our clothes like Chris Lane.”

Ad Copy Tip #4: Make your ad sound luxurious

To increase the status of your offer, write the text that sounds luxurious. If you target people who value fine products. Make sure your ad copy is also as unique and luxurious as your products/services.

“Make your friends jealous by these sparkling neck legs”
“A diamond ring with hand engraving perfection.”

Ad Copy Tip #5: Quality is best

9 Easy ways to make your “Ad Copy” attractive 

Comparing the quality of your service to that of competitors might help you market your product. A favorable comparison versus your competition might persuade clients to buy from you instead of your competitors, whether on pricing, customer service, the convenience of use, or quality. One effective strategy is to target alternatives to your service based on negative customer feedback.


“Tired of poor-quality laundry services, try us out! “

Ad Copy Tip #6: Giving Reviews

Emphasize favorable feedback on your offer by mentioning consumer and news media ratings. Reviews can help potential consumers relax. This is especially effective if you have a high-priced product or are in a crowded market. A positive review may be the deciding factor for customers to choose your product over the competitors.

“Our 5-star rating services by ….”

Ad Copy Tip #7: Make it easy to use

People’s purchasing decisions are influenced by aspects such as simplicity and ease of use. If your product has exceptional ease of use aspect for your clients, including it in your ad content can help you gain more attention and clicks.

“Set up your meeting in less than 10 minutes!”

Ad Copy Tip #8: Welcome

By producing engaging and inviting text, you may make visitors feel at ease enough to engage with your offer. This non-obtrusive approach to copying is the polar opposite of forceful, and it’s definitely a warm method. It can be used to show a shift in setting or to set the scene. When potential customer clicks on this ad, they are taken to a different location.

“Welcome to our lovely inn”
“Come in! Our services will amaze you”

Ad Copy Tip #9: Cost Savings

Examine the advantages of your offer from the customer’s point of view to explain the logical appeal of cost-cutting to your customer. Calculate how much money you’ll save. Consider how much money a customer saves over the course of a day, week, year, and so on with your offer. Potential clients will be able to justify their investment if you clearly lay out the expenses and rewards.

“Staying with us, you will save up to $49 per day.”
“Monthly savings up to $100 with our new services”


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