8 common dropshipping mistakes that can destroy your business

dropshipping mistake

Are you planning to start a dropshipping business? If yes, this article is a must-read for you. Today’s article is about the 8 common dropshipping mistakes of beginners that can destroy any dropshipping business. So before you work out your business plan, note down all these mistakes and try to avoid them.

8 common dropshipping mistakes you should avoid

1. Choose the Wrong Niche

dropshipping mistake

Picking the right niche for your dropshipping store is the very first step of starting your business. You need to identify what you are going to sell. That’s why choosing the wrong niche is the last dropshipping mistake you want to make. But what are the things that could go wrong exactly? Let’s see the first one, picking a niche that is too broad.

The niche is too broad

Many beginners want to capture everything in a niche. They want to sell a wide range of products to get as many profits as possible. They might think that the more products they sell, the more customers they will get. But it’s not true. Picking a niche that is too broad can make you lose your focus. It never works for small businesses. As your customers will prefer to buy from some big marketplaces like Amazon or AliExpress instead of your dropshipping store. If you want to sell everything, you cannot compete with those big guys.

Picking the wrong niche will affect your audience targeting, your marketing strategy, content strategy, and SEO as well. You will spend more money but receive poor performance.

The niche is out-dated

Some products are actually very popular for some time, but then they quickly go down in demand. So be careful to update new winning products at the moment so that you don’t choose an outdated niche.

The niche that you are not interested in

You should put your passion as your first priority. Don’t choose anything that is now selling well on the market. Think of dropshipping as a long-term business. So pick a niche that you are deeply interested in and that you can go with for a really long time.

2. Only Use AliExpress

AliExpress seems a good idea for many beginners. But only using it for dropshipping is a big dropshipping mistake. We would always recommend using multiple suppliers when starting dropshipping. After some time, you can define who offers the best products, the best service, or the best shipping time for you. If you find it really daunting to work with many suppliers at the same time, find yourself a dropshipping agent.

A good dropshipping agent will lead you through the starting process and support your business growth. So don’t stick to AliExpress only or one dropshipping supplier only.

3. Not Optimize Your Store

Your website is loading too slow. Or its design looks terrible. Or the checkout process is too complicated for your customers. All these are very common dropshipping mistakes for beginners. So we would recommend you optimize your store. Make your website faster. Make it more eye-catchy and professional for your customers.

4. Not Control Your Budget

dropshipping mistake

Though starting a dropshipping business is quite easy, you need to prepare some budget for advertising. Be too pessimistic about your financial status or do not have a plan for budget control is a terrible dropshipping mistake for any entrepreneur, whether you have little or much money to spend.

So keep track of your finance, draw out a plan to use your money effectively, and prepare solutions for yourself if any issues come up.

5. Facebook Ad Policies

Like most dropshippers, you will know that Facebook is a dispensible part of your marketing campaign. You will run your ads on Facebook very regularly. In addition, their policies can change over time. So, learn about Facebook Ad policies is a must.

Many beginners make a very common dropshipping mistake that they don’t read carefully the policies before starting to run their ads. That can lead to terrible consequences which can be getting banned.

6. Use Copyrighted Content

Using copyrighted content is another common dropshipping mistake when you just start dropshipping, especially when there is no strict copyright law in your country. There will be a high risk of getting sued for that dropshipping mistake.

So, remember to check with your supplier or dropshipping agent carefully if you can use the product images or videos for your store.

7. Not do testing

dropshipping mistake

Not testing is a big dropshipping mistake. As you are no expert in marketing or dropshipping. Even when you are quite experienced, you do not know everything. So our advice is that you should test constantly many products or ad copies to find what works best and what does not.

Don’t be afraid to lose money. As you are paying money to learn. And profits would not come without testing and learning until you could choose the best option for you. Constantly testing will give you more ideas every week or every month to run your ads and even get more sales.

8. Rely too much on Dropshipping Courses

Of course, you have the choice to buy dropshipping courses and learn from them. But rely too much on those courses is a costly dropshipping mistake. You can learn from many free sources like dropshipping blogs, forums, from the dropshippers who already succeed, etc. And most importantly, experience is the best teacher. No experiences are alike. You should enjoy the process of learning yourselves and draw some lessons for your own.


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