How to apply Facebook Power 5 in the best way

Facebook Power 5

Have you ever heard of Facebook Power 5? If you have, do you know how to apply it in an effective way? We know as a dropshipper, you will find every way to enhance your ad performance and increase your sales. We know that you have learned a lot about Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel already from your hands-on work and from many resources, many sourcing agent dropshipping. However, speaking of Facebook Power 5, many of you may find it really unfamiliar. Though Facebook Power 5 has been used by many marketers for a long time already. But hang in there! Now you are here and we will tell you what it is and how to apply it.

How to use Facebook Power 5

As you may know, we’ve been using Facebook Pixel for ages. And while we’re selling, Facebook quietly collects a lot of data from its users. Based on that data, Facebook will be able to decide to whom it will show the ads, and When is the best time to show ads to its users. Actually, this is the foundation of Facebook Power 5. Simply put, using Facebook Power 5 means that we will have Facebook take care of our sales automatically. All we need to do is to set up 5 essential things to make the most of it, which including:

1. Auto Advanced Matching

Facebook Power 5

Auto advanced matching means that Facebook will automatically match users on Facebook with the data it’s tracking. From there, it helps to improve the Ad Performance by pinpointing who made the conversion. At the same time, it helps to stabilize, increase the accuracy of the Customer Audience and decrease the cost per conversion. In short, it helps optimize your ads so that you could get better results. To use this feature, you need to Turn On the Advance Matching function in the Pixels’ Event Manager. And you can also use either 2 types of Advanced Matching. They are manual Advanced Matching and automatic Advanced Matching.

2.Simplified Account Structure

Facebook Power 5

Briefly, you can understand that Facebook encourages simplification of the Campaign in the form of the funnel, not the duplication of many campaigns, many ad sets because it will cause overlapping audiences. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for Facebook to find buyers. But it is just what Facebook confirms to us. If we would like to know the truth, we need to do more testing.

3. Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook Power 5

This one is super simple. Facebook encourages the use of Campaign Budget Optimization to optimize the allocation of budgets to Ad sets in the most effective way. This is surely effective, especially when we do scaling.

4. Automatic Placements

Facebook Power 5

Facebook recommends using Automatic Placements so that it automatically distributes Ads to the Placements that it finds the most effective. This tip is already used by many of you. And we think it’s still very powerful.

5. Dynamic Ads

Facebook Power 5

This is the final one. We will put in many ad variations such as photo, text, headline… And Facebook will automatically combine to display the suitable Ad to each person based on the user behavior that it has recorded. In reality, this tip is not used by many people. It’s called Dynamic Creative. We can say it is quite productive when you scale or run ads to maintain sales for Best Seller Collection, New Arrival, and so on.

So, we have shared with you how you can apply Facebook Power 5 in the most effective way. If you already used one of these, keep trying the rest to see if it works well for your case. Hope this article will help you to improve your ad performance. If you have any queries, please let us know.


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