How to attract customers to your dropshipping store in 2021? Some Mind-blowing tips for you

how to attract customers

How to attract customers to your dropshipping store? This is a common issue that every dropshipper concern about. It’s quite easy to tell that one of the best methods is by using social media. But beside that, what other tools can you use? It’s best to exploit every approach that is available to maximize the promotion effect.

So to help you with that, we have come up with a list of methods to get your customer’s attention and attract them to your store. Let’s scroll down and see!

How to attract customers to your store by using search engine optimization (SEO)

how to attract customers

It’s very hard for people to come and find your store by themselves. You’d better show it in front of them and drive them to your site. That’s why you should figure out an effective marketing campaign to attract your customers. One method of how to attract your customers is through SEO, which can help you increase the chance they find you.

If we have to talk about SEO in a nutshell, a successful SEO strategy will have the following:

Research keywords to find what keywords your customers are using when they do searching online
Optimize your page based on the keywords you have found
Work on content marketing like blog posts to attract your customers organically

Researching keywords

Keyword search is the very first step in SEO. You can do this research by using some tools like Google Trends to see what types of keywords people are typing in the search bar when they have to find something. Once you have the list of your keywords, we will move to the next step.

Website optimization

Website optimization means you will optimize your website using your keywords. First, pay attention to the URLs, which should be short. Second, fill up your page with long content such as detailed descriptions, reviews, brief user guild, and so on. The purpose is to provide as much information as possible. You will be able to increase the chance of getting your page ranking higher.

Content marketing

The goal of content marketing should be driving your customers to your page, communicating with them, and enticing them to buy your products. You can use a common content marketing like a blog to publish articles about your products, your company, your industry like this page telling about us as the best sourcing agent and fulfillment company in China. In this way, you can generate more traffic to your page.

How to attract customers to your store by using email marketing

how to attract customers

Email marketing is always one of the best methods to engage your customers with your store and persuade them to make purchases from you. In the below part, we will discuss how to attract customers by using email marketing.

How to collect emails from your customers

To launch an email marketing campaign, you need to have an email list first. You need to gather your customers’ email or make them subscribe to your email newsletters. In fact, these are some ways you can collect email from your customers:

The first way is using pop-ups which automatically appear on your page after your visitors click or scroll on your page or just after a period of time.

Another way is offering your customers to subscribe to store news so that they can get information about sales, discounts, new arrival, and so on.

What you should write in your emails

Now that you have a list of your customers’ emails, you need to make the most of it by using some marketing strategies. One of them is offering season or holiday sales. Because it will always be attractive to your customers with the word “sales”. There are many occasions in the year when you can use this opportunity to hook your customers in. Another way is sending reminder notifications to your customers when they abandon the cart. There are some people who just leave the page without checking out. This is so common and you can do something about that to get your customers back in.

How to attract customers to your business with influencer shoutouts

A very effective way of how to attract customers is by influencer shoutouts. This method is used by so many brands. Those influencers can be Youtube or Instagram influencers with thousands of followers. What you need to do is to find those influencers who specialize in some topics that are related to your brand and discuss with them about collaborating with you. They can post shoutouts on their accounts about your products, your brands to promote your businesses.

How to attract customers using Google Ads

how to attract customers

Using Google Ads is so popular with any entrepreneur. There are so many great features here not to mention that Google is among the most used platform around the world. So in this part, we will talk about how to attract customers with Google Ads.

Google Search

Google is so familiar with everyone. And Google search is perhaps among the most popular Ads services. Google Search allows ad texts display when users search for something on Google. It also allows you to use more keywords, even product descriptions so that internet users can see those keywords appear on the page.

Google Shopping

Another option other than Google Search is Google Shopping. Google Shopping ads will be displayed at the top of the search results which seem more visible to users.  However, to make it on top, you need to list more details on your “Product feed” like brand, quantities, colors, and so on.

How to attract customers: When is the best time to implement these methods?

You have gone through how to attract customers with SEO, email marketing, influencer shoutouts, and Google Ads. Now the next question is: When to implement those methods? Well, it depends. Let’s say SEO. For this method, you need to start as soon as possible. The reason is that SEO will take time to show results. So you can do this at the very first steps, like during the page development stage.

But for other methods such as using influencer shoutouts or Google Ads, you need to implement it when your online store is ready to operate and when you are so ready to sell. And for email marketing, you should prepare all the resources before launching. It will take some time to come up with the list of emails. So don’t be panic. Implementation of those methods will depend on many factors.


Now that we have discussed how to attract customers to your store, you will see there are many methods for any marketer or entrepreneur to use. You can start working on SEO, or if you already have an operating store, you could think of email marketing or influencer shoutouts or Google Ads if you haven’t. Each method requires proper timing and the right technique. But when you start to do all those things, you will find it not hard anymore to answer the question of how to attract customers and promote your business. We hope this article will help you a lot with your planning. Have fun and fruitful dropshipping!

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