Picking good products for your dropshipping store: 4 powerful approaches

picking good products for your dropshipping store

In this article, we will continue the topic of picking good products for your dropshipping store as we have discussed in recent articles. But today will be a more detailed approach to how you choose your dropshipping products to sell. There are many criteria for a successful product, especially when it has to be suitable for your store. Determine those criteria will give you an overview and deeper insights into why you should choose a particular product for your store. Let’s scroll down and see how to do it.

Picking good products for your dropshipping store: First, think of what kinds of products you would buy yourself

picking good products for your dropshipping store

The key to picking good products for your dropshipping store is to sell items that people always want to buy. Those products should be demanded the most by your target audiences. In other words, those should have the below:

In demand

This is obviously the most important factor of any dropshipping product. It makes no sense to fill your store with products that no one wants to buy. One of the ways to find out what items are actually in demand is using Google Trends. This is where you would see what is searched most by internet users recently, or what people are interested in most recently.


Being demanded is the first thing to consider when picking good products for your dropshipping store. But if you sell any generic, plain, boring items to sell online, it does not sound like a good idea. In fact, it will affect enormously on your sales. So, the next thing to take into account is uniqueness. Sell something that is different from what is being sold by most other stores and what is so common in the market, you will see the effect right away.

Triggering impulse purchases

Impulse buying is among the major drives of your dropshipping business. Getting your customers’ attention immediately, hooking them into your products, and pushing them to make the buy decisions is what you are going to do. You can do it by creating a catchy store design, a sense of urgency, or showing intense buying activity, and so on. But also make sure your products are appealing to your customers. Otherwise, none of these could help you.


This is not unfamiliar when it comes to picking good products for your dropshipping store. The more people find your products are affordable, the greater chance you have to sell them. Furthermore, the lower the price is, the larger your profit margin will be. Both you and your customers would be happy if you sell your products at reasonable prices.

Quick and cheap to deliver

Shipping is another issue you should consider apart from the above factors. Buyers always prefer free shipping or cheap shipping fee since they already have to pay for the products. No one wants a high extra shipping fee. So, make sure that your products are quick and cheap to deliver.

Picking good products for your dropshipping store: Best dropshipping items are competitive

picking good products for your dropshipping store


A good dropshipping product is what makes you stand out from the rest. It’s critical to build your store identity which makes it more attractive to your customers when they come to your store. Distinctiveness also gives you an advantage when it comes to competing with other online selling platforms as well.

No logo or brand name

Are those products with an obvious brand name printed on good for dropshipping? Normally they are not. If you are trying to build your own identity, you should avoid branded products. But sometimes it can be really challenging. In that case, products without an obvious logo are good choices. Logos and brand names can be printed on where people don’t pay attention, like on a size tag of a hoodie.

Picking good products for your dropshipping store: How to find the best items to dropship?

You can search for any suggested list of the best dropshipping products for your store. But all is for reference. You should know how to find out ones for yourself. There are several methods as below:

Web analysis

Picking good products for your dropshipping store is not so hard. You can do a little research by wen analysis. You can use a very familiar tool: Google Trends, or Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explore. You can also go to other platforms like Amazon or eBay to see is selling at the moment. Our website also provides you regularly updated posts on winning products for your references. If you are looking for such information or a dropshipping sourcing agent who can do that for you, you can come to us. 

Searching on social media

Another way of picking good products for your dropshipping store is by searching on social media. Nowadays, social media do advertising, that’s why you can find lots of ideas there. Some social media you can use is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and so on. Visiting those platforms will give you some good ideas to choose what to sell in your store.

Searching on AliExpress

Another good way of picking good products for your dropshipping store is by searching AliExpress. This is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms at the moment, which will help you to find highly demanded items by its functions.

Picking good products for your dropshipping store: Worst things to dropship through your dropshipping store

You already know some methods of picking good products for your dropshipping store. Now it’s also critical to know what you should not sell in your store. In fact, you should avoid those products:


It’s not recommended to put globally known brands on your store, especially when it’s a replica of unsatisfactory quality. Unless you want to disappoint your customers. Moreover, you will have a lot of difficulties promoting those kinds of products since your ads may get attention from the original brand or authorities, then you will be in great trouble.

Potentially dangerous

Of course, we do not recommend any potentially dangerous products like sharp objects, metals, etc,… Since Customs may ban it from entering the country. If you can not make sure your products are safe and legal, then it’s best to avoid selling those.


Selling fragile products can be really risky when it comes to shipping. Those are easy to break or deform. And your customers surely don’t want to receive any broken or damaged items. On one hand, you disappoint your customers. On the other hand, you will have to spend more money to make up for the damaged or broken items. So, this is definitely not a good idea.


Heavy items are not recommended even for domestic shipping. The extra shipping fee will be included, which is not a good news for dropshippers.  Furthermore, heavy items are hard to manage. Any issues or incidents can cause product damage.

Technically complex

In terms of picking food products for your dropshipping store, easy-to-use products are most recommended. Buyers normally don’t have the patience or much time to find out how to use a technically complex item. In the meantime, you can not be sure 100% that your products are in perfect working order. That’s why selling those products is quite risky.

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