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Wondering how to build warm audiences for your online business? If so, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss about how to create warm audiences using Facebook. No matter who you are – a dropshipper or a marketer, this is a must read item for you. So, let’s go to the next part!

First of all, what is warm audience?

warm audience

Other than cold and hot audiences, warm audiences are visitors to your websites who have recently viewed the page and had meaningful engagement like clicking and viewing a specific product. While targeting a cold audience is important, aiming for warm audiences is something that you must not miss out. Since re-targeting warm audience is most likely to turn them into hot audiences or even convert to a sale.

How to engage a warm audience by Facebook?

It is not exaggerated to say that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools that you can exploit in your marketing campaign to build up your brands, to attract more customers as well as to promote sales. In order to use it effectively, you will need to keep in mind below techniques.

Using Custom Audience tab

First, we need to talk about the first impression. When you see something for the first time, you all will make some judgement about them. Those judgement can be right or wrong. However, it is unquestionable that they will affect further decisions and actions in the future. So, why do we have to talk about that?

Because it influences on how we view first impression in sale by Facebook. You may usually think that selling the products on the first impression is a good try. But it fails more than succeeds. You can present your products or brand in front of people once but they soon forget all about that. Even sending them too much sales information might give them the feeling that you are just a spammer. Then, far from getting your customer interested in your brand, it can cause backwash effects. Instead, focusing more on warm audiences – the people who already know you, by using Facebook options turns to be more productive.

You just need to go to the “Custom Audience” section which is under Audiences tab in ads manager on your Facebook account, and create your audience from there. This is a simple way to create your own warm audiences. You soon get familiar with it sooner than you think.

Engagement audience

warm audience

The next thing you can do is targeting the one who already did engage in your page, or with any of your posts and advertisements, or the one who viewed, clicked and spent a particular period of time on your products or any other engagement actions. You can also target someone from last year but it’s best to limit from thirty to sixty days. The one who shared your ads one year ago is not likely to remember what they have shared.

Make your engagement audience to become warmer, get engaged more on your brand. This is one step of the process of creating your warm audiences and make the group bigger and bigger.

Your Facebook fans

You may already know that getting more fans on your Facebook page is really crucial. Of course we are referring to real fans, not the fake ones that you buy. It’s great that your marketing campaign works well and get you a reasonable group of subscribers. Then you can target those subscribers at first by sending them ads on your products and getting them more engaged in your page.

Video viewers

The fastest technique to get a warm audience is using video view audience. And this is also an easy way to do yet to bring fruitful result in your marketing process. Posting a video on your page and you may obtain a rationally sized audience to build a custom audience from the video viewers.

Choose the audiences from a certain time of the video or a particular percentage of the viewers.

Mailing list

warm audience

There are many ways to build your warm audiences mail list. One of those is using Facebook profiles of your subscribers. Ask Facebook to link those two. Eventually, you can get a big amount of email data of your subscribers. Of course not all of them is useful because people may use another email to register Facebook account. However surely with a huge list like that you can use it to build you warm audiences and even drive them to your hot audiences.

Pixel code

Besides mentioned approaches, you can get the pixel up then run it on your pages, then Facebook will help you gather your audiences. It is known by “Website Custom Audience”.

Either aim at all your visitors or just focus on the people who clicked on a particular page or product. In case you have many blog posts written about your products and your brands, think of targeting those audiences.

You should also narrow your targets by using interest targeting when you do advertisement creation.

Hot audiences

Well, one of the engaged audiences you might want to target is the one who often visited your page but did not decide to buy anything. Those are the audiences who may know you and feel interest in your products, but may be still on the fence and cannot make decision or those who just want to save for further occasion. For example they may want to wail until they receive their bonus or until any sale-off or Black Friday. Or they just want to check if there is any better product. Then your job is to get those audiences more attracted to your product and make decision to buy.

Target those audiences with advertisement or any of your best recommendation or any promotion that you currently have.


In above part we already talked about creating an email list, now it’s time to use it. Sending ads to your audience in the email list is always a good approach. You will see that email sales is the one you receive more than anything. It surely will bring you more warm audiences and more sales.

So, that’s all we want to discuss about how to build warm audiences with Facebook for your business. This might not cover all scenarios but surely have enclosed most effective ones. Hope it will do good to your marketing campaign and contribute to your dropshipping business.

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