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Are you asking yourself what is cold, warm and hot audiences? And how is it important to your business to target at those audiences? Don’t worry, today we will talk about this and help you to have a general idea of building your customers.

What is cold, warm and hot audiences?

hot audience

When you manage a web page, you will easily point out those types of visitors. There are people who just visited the page for a short time then left. Some people tend to spend more time by viewing a specific item on the page. And you probably pay more attention to the ones who often visited and viewed many sections on your page. Those respectively demonstrates cold, warm and hot audiences.

Though it does not really matter how you refer to them, framing those concept may help you to outline your marketing campaign towards each group. They can have different needs and desires, yet many of them don’t know that your products can solve their problem. So, in order to avail yourself of the probabilities to get more sales, you need to set up a marketing campaign for all those key traffic types: cold, warm, and hot audiences.

However, instead of targeting for sales only, you better think of creating relationship with your customers who are associated with their stage of purchasing cycle:

  • Present your brands at the early stage
  • Convert them into leads
  • Make revenue from people who want to buy

Fortunately, it is fairly simple to achieve.

Building good relationship with your customers

hot audience

Why is relationship with your customer so important? Or in other words, why not going right to the sales?

Of course, your final goal is getting the sales. However, to accomplish that mission is always connected with other thing like customer relationship. Actually, one of marketing mistakes is going straight to the sale only. You may see all visitors appear to be potential sale, regardless of their needs and situation. Then as a result, you may want to dig in optimizing the advertising campaign for sales purpose but not any other motivation.

However, in the long run, building an effective strategy is always related to targeting different kinds of audiences: cold, warm and hot audiences. Advertisement can be used not only to present products but also to build relationship with those audiences until they can make decision to buy. In order to do that, you should know kinds of audiences and how to target them.

Analyzing Web Traffic

Before creating relationship with your customer, make sure you already understand their behaviors on your page, from which you can modify the website based on their action.

A heatmap which can show you what section on your page that people tend to click more often is very useful. This will help you make some adjustment on your website to make it more related to the audiences. Some types of heatmaps can be named as scrollmaps, attention heatmaps, envelope heat maps, and so on.
You can also use other tools which are more familiar to you so that you can have this kind of data to analyze behaviors of different types of audiences: cold, warm and hot audiences.

Understanding different types of traffic: cold, warm and hot audiences

Cold audiences

As you may know, there are 3 types of traffic that we have mentioned earlier: cold, warm and hot audiences. Each of those traffic requires different approaches and offers different probabilities to convert into your customers.

Unlike warm and hot audiences, cold audiences are mostly the one who visit your page but have no idea who you are. They click on your ads merely because they are searching for the keyword that your ads contains and want to know the problem but not a solution. So they go to your web page not because they already know your brand or product before.

Consider those browsers as casual visitors who are just seeking the information online. They can have the problem that your product can solve, yet are not likely to make any purchase since they don’t know you and don’t trust your brand. So, sending them the sales message will not lead to any sales eventually most of the time.

However, it does not mean that you don’t have any chance to sell your product to this group. On the other hand, targeting to this cold traffic will help to connect your brand with them and will serve as the first step of creating a successful relationship with your customers. To a certain point of time in the future, when those cold traffic turn into warm and hot audiences with enough effort and time devoted on them, it can result in sales.

To sum up, you should introduce your product to these customers and start building relationship with them in the process of turning them into hot audiences. Besides, learn and keep track of their behaviors on your page by using conversion tracking pixel. After that, you will have the data to send them relevant information or advertisement to make them your hot audiences.

So, what are some sorts of content to attract cold audiences?

Remember your objective is to introduce your products, you might push them away if just send them sales message. Therefore, below are some different kinds of content you can use to drive their attention to your page: blog posts, videos, podcasts, surveys, and so on.

The next thing you need to do is warming up your cold audiences, which means turn them into warm audiences, and might be hot audiences in the future. We know it is really hard to sell to cold audiences. But don’t be panic. First you need to warm them up to get them engaged more in your brand. With time they can be your customers in the end of the day. The content aiming for those cold audiences should demonstrate some useful information to them. Then in turn they will spend their time in viewing and provide their personal information for it.

After getting their email, work on some relevant information in which they will find interested and send to them. Another tool is segmentation which allows you to get more knowledge about your audiences by age or gender. Keep track of those traffic and send them blog post they want to read, videos that means to them,… To get them into learning more about your page, you need to step by step build relationship with them. Be sure you understand what interests your people to make them sign up for your blog or newsletter.

Warm audiences

Since warm audiences are people who already know little about you, who may have clicked on your page before, may read your posts, or followed your Facebook account, or even signed up for selling email, yet to buy anything from you, you need to attract them with different approach. Your goal is different as well. That is to turn them into your hot audiences, encourage them to buy your products and to make them your regular customers.

Some of the content you can use to attract them and build a good relationship with them to turn them to your hot audiences may include lead magnets (like newspaper, ebooks,..), webinars, events, free trial signup pages,…

As you want to convert them from warm to hot audiences, to turn them from who just know you to the ones who know you well and want to purchase from you, you have to drive them to pages that are valuable to them. You should also regularly remind them of their interest in your products and your brand.

Hot audiences

Finally, hot audiences are someone who already know you, trust your brand and did buy one of your products or services. They could also be your fans. So, getting them to buy more and more is your target. Or even if you build good relationship with them, they can help introduce your brand widely to their community.

Continue to follow up with their interest and their needs and wants if you don’t want to lose this kind of hot audiences. Turning other types to hot audiences is not a final and long term goal only but to maintain them as hot audiences and your customers.
To sum up, your aim is included but not limited to getting them to make purchases more often with different products and making them engaged more with your brand.

Then what is the content should be driven to hot audiences?

Those people already know your brand so you need to remind them of your products and make them buy again. You should send them sales messages, landing pages, products pages and so on. They might forget about you in a short time when thousands of other brands come in, so make sure you always remind them of their interest in your page. If they viewed a particular product, send them more relevant products that they may feel appealed to. If they add one product to cart, suggest them similar options that they might want to purchase as well.

Build Relationships with Visitors

Beside approaching each types of audiences differently to drive them into your hot audiences as mentioned earlier,  many other methods could be used to engage them more with your brand.

Prior to making a sales, it is critical to know your customers’ behaviors and what is in their mind. They often want to talk directly with someone before buying something. However, one to one sales is not always effective. This can result in spending more cost in recruiting more salesman. Of course, It is better to chat with a live person so that they can have all their queries and problems solved. This works for all cold, warm and hot audiences.

Visitors do not usually search on your page to find information that they are looking for. And you cannot talk one by one to all of them. But live chat will help you to engage more with your audiences, know them more and have the chance to talk them into buying your products or into signing up to your website. This process can turn a visitor to a hot audiences finally.

Before signing up to our page, they want to know you enough so that they can trust you. If you can erase this barrier you can deal with cold and warm audiences who are still suspicious about your products to make them your hot audiences and drive them into making their purchases.

For sure, live chat can involve in getting a staff to do this. But in some cases, if you cannot hire one, you can make it automatic by using chatbots. Installing a chatbots on your page will automate the process and still get you the same result of engaging your audiences more without spending the effort to get a live person.

Now you know the difference among cold, warm and hot audiences and how to aim for them effectively. If you are not clear on this and do not have appropriate approach to each kind, you will miss out the chance to get more customers and get more sales to your business.

So, do keep in mind that different traffic from cold to hot audiences have different needs and wants and different knowledge on your products, make sure launch a good advertising campaign to lead to conversion.

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