5 Important things about “Sales Funnel” that you may not know

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel is a process or a system used to make a sale while building a long-lasting customer database with a large number of people who come to see your website. Sales Funnel is a streamlined process or system that works with the help of automated tools. By using the tools and resources available to you, you can quickly generate and increase profits, and increase your business performance with ease.

The role of Sales Funnel in business activities of enterprises

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel simulates the process of converting a purchased lead into a purchase action. The lower you go down the sales funnel, the higher the potential for a customer to make a purchase. The target customer will have a separate identifier for each position in the sales funnel, specifically as follows:

  • Visitors: After identifying target customers, businesses will deploy marketing activities to influence this group of customers to their website. When they do, they become visitors.
  • Lead: These are customers who regularly visit the website of the business. They love and are interested in the products and services that businesses provide.
  • Qualified lead: These are potential customers who have a clear “signal” about wanting to buy products and services of the business.
  • Customer: The person who has completed the purchase.

How does the Sales Funnel work?

Sales Funnel

#1. Create awareness of your existence among target customers

What you need to do is identify their behaviors and come up with the most appropriate approaches. Here below some tips that you may beneficiary from:

  • If your target customers are people who regularly participate in forums, you need to participate in those forums and reach them through comments, exchanges… or you can write a blog post about a problem that your customers are interested in to let them know that you or your business are researching and offering solutions to those problems.
  • If your ideal customers are mostly regular Facebook users, you need to have a Facebook account and start activities like Live Stream on Facebook, Youtube to increase your reach with your target customers. For your business, marketing courses will be a great choice that you cannot ignore.
  • If your ideal customer doesn’t use the Internet, you still need to be where they are. Are they listening to the Radio? Watch any TV channel? Do you belong to a certain community… reach your customers through those communication channels.

#2. Collect ideal customer contact information

Once you’ve reached your target audience, you’ll start a conversation with your ideal client, keeping them in mind about your work. Besides, “take advantage” to collect their information, for example, you can get their email simply calling with a subject like “Leave your email to receive new articles weekly”, … That is one of the clever ideas in this sales funnel stage.

#3. Build a relationship with your ideal customers

After you have leads’ information, take the time to learn about them and start talking to them, building a relationship with them. Through it, find out their needs, their problems, their desires. You should put yourself in the shoes of the customer so that you can understand them and build a good relationship. By giving value to your customers, you can easily build trust, confidence in them in their minds. You can give value by:

  • Provide valuable information to them
  • Share helpful articles, insightful stories, product reviews, reminders and answer their questions
  • Even if not your stories, your articles, but if something is useful to your target customers, please share them.

#4. Provide paid solution (ask to sell)

If you’ve done the above work well, now is the time to propose a solution (product or service) to solve their specific problem. Although in the first steps, you may not be able to sell to your potential customers, you should remember not to give up. Keep sending valuable, educational, entertaining, and informative content and keep answering their questions. After you sell to them, they will become your customers. Whether they continue to buy your next solutions or not is all up to you. This is a process in the sales funnel that requires a lot of patience and effort on your part.

#5. Maintain relationships with customers, make customers happy

When running your business, you need to build and maintain good relations with many people. They can be your suppliers, your dropshipping agent, your staff, and most importantly, your customers.  You already have a customer, which proves that you’ve moved one from the top of the sales funnel to near the bottom.

Now is the time to maintain that good customer relationship and start maximizing customer lifetime value by introducing more solutions for months and years to come. You need to continue to help your customers solve their problems for years to come. This will help you maximize your profits in the best way. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should focus on each specific stage to maximize the performance of the sales funnel.


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