Dropshipping guide: 6 Powerful Tips to Sell on Instagram

Sell on Instagram

Do you want to learn how to sell on Instagram? Is it actually working and how can you master it? You will get all the answers in today’s article.

According to eMarketer report, Instagram now has over 1 billion users from all over the world which has increased by 73.5 more than it had in 2020. From small to large businesses, selling on Instagram always brings great profits. It is also reported that about 80% of Instagram users place an order when they see an ad while browsing Instagram. So if you want to take the opportunity to make more sales, it’s time to start selling on Instagram from today! Still wondering how can you do that? Let’s move to the next part to learn some amazing tips to sell on Instagram:

6 Tips to Sell on Instagram

1. How to Sell on Instagram: Use Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories is a great feature you can use to make better connections with your audience. You can create a video or a photo that is eye-catchy and that can get your followers’ attention while they are browsing. As Instagram stories just last for 24 hours, you can share with them daily without being afraid to look like spam with too many posts.

It’s a great way to show your business personality and engage with your audiences on a more personal basis. You can share some behind-the-scene processes to produce or package your products, some special offers, or a new product launch. But whatever you choose to share, remember to make it appealing and interesting.

Also, add a product link to your stories so that your followers can go to your page when they want to. There’s a small section right below your stories where the text “See more” or “Swipe up” appears that you can add your link here.

Another great thing about that is that the more people engage with your stories, the more likely people will see your posts. This will increase the exposure and popularity of your brand.

2. How to Sell on Instagram: Create a Shoppable Instagram Feed

A great feature that supports you to sell on Instagram is that you can create a feed and tag the products that are available for sale so that your followers can order directly within the app. You can post a very nice picture of your products on Instagram that can grab people’s attention right away. Then when they like it and they want to purchase one, they can click right on your picture to buy. Remember to choose high-quality pictures to post. As you want to impress your audience and get their attention. If you are not confident with your image, you can ask a dropshipping agent to shoot an ad image for you.

Creating a shoppable Instagram feed is now a very popular strategy for any entrepreneur to boost sales. So if you want to sell on Instagram, don’t miss this big opportunity to earn money.

3. How to Sell On Instagram: Offer Exclusive Promotions to Your Instagram Followers

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Promotions are always very effective to boost sales. People love a good sale. You can promote your products on Instagram by offering discount codes to your Instagram followers exclusively. Also, share your Instagram offer on other social media platforms as well so that you can engage as many people as possible with your program.

4. How to Sell On Instagram: Use Instagram Influencers

Using Instagram influencers continues to be an effective way to sell on Instagram. If you are running an ad, people might not believe in your ad. But when they see shoutouts or feedback from the people they are following on Instagram, they tend to trust them more.

It’s one type of social proof that can work better than mere advertising. You can also choose who to pay when you use Instagram influencers. If you cannot afford some big influencers, you can also go for micro-influencers and negotiate the rate as well. It will help drive potential buyers to your page either way.

5. How to Sell On Instagram: Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to reach more audiences. Using the right hashtags can put your brand in front of millions of users. The tip is to not use too many hashtags which will make your posts look like spam.

You just need to focus on several highly trafficked hashtags that you think will work best. Those hashtags will increase the exposure of your posts. On the other hand, using the right hashtags help you target the right audience. Make sure you choose your hashtags carefully so that they can drive more target audiences to your posts.

If you don’t know how to find good hashtags, you can look at the ones that influencers are using and that can get a lot of attention.

6. How to Sell on Instagram: Nail the Caption

You should never underestimate the importance of a caption. If you have a very appealing and eye-catchy image but with a poor caption, you can still fail. Try to hook your audiences with a caption that can evoke their emotions and that they can find related to themselves.

Next, don’t forget to include calls to action. You can tell them to place an order, to visit your page, or to check out your ad video.


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