8 Useful Dropshipping tips to choose your niche and products

Dropshipping tips

Want to start a dropshipping store but still cannot choose your niche? Don’t worry. Today we will give you some useful dropshipping tips related to your niche and product choice. Though choosing the right product can be daunting sometimes, there are still some tricks that can help you do that easier. So, let’s scroll down and see!

Dropshipping tips to choose your niche

Before choosing your dropshipping products, you need to decide your niche first. That’s why we offer 5 dropshipping tips to choose your niche. The first one is to follow your heart.

1. Follow your passion

What do you love to do as a hobby? What fields of knowledge or activities you are deeply interested in? Well, dropshipping is a great way to make money from your passion. So, the first dropshipping tips would be listing down all the activities, subjects, hobbies that you love. This list can give you some ideas of your dropshipping niche.

It’s highly recommended that you should begin with this list. Since when you are passionate about your niche, you can be an expert for your customers in that field. You know what your customers need and how to attract them. And most importantly, you can go really far with your dropshipping business as you will work with passion and enthusiasm.

2. Widen your knowledge about the niche

Dropshipping tips

It’s good when the starting point of your business is your passion. But at the same time, you need to know a lot about that field. If you love skincare and want to sell skincare products, you definitely gain broad knowledge about skin type, skin problems for example. By doing so, you can advise your customers about their problems and know exactly what they need. Learning about the niche that you want to choose is always one of the most important dropshipping tips we would recommend.

3. Do analysis work

Your mere passion is not enough. You need to have the business knowledge and prospect of your niche. You need to do some analysis to see if it’s a good niche in business terms. You need to look at its competitiveness, financial prospects, its marketing potential, and tons of other things to make a final decision of choosing a niche. It’s effective and realistic when you count on facts and analysis rather than just feelings. Analysis work is a must and among the most powerful dropshipping tips to choose your niche.

4. Keep an eye on current trends

Dropshipping tips

Another important dropshipping tips is always keeping your eye on current trends. The number can change. One product can sell really well a couple of months ago but can decrease sharply in demand now, especially for technology and fashion products.

When the new model is launched, older versions will become unwanted. Or a particular fashion trend is really hot when it’s first emerged. But then another trend appears and the old one will be forgotten.

So be careful to predict those trends so that you are not left behind the competition.

5. Shift your niche focus when necessary

In case you want to add a winning product to your store, but that product is not relevant to your current niche, just don’t be afraid to do so. You can still be flexible in most cases. You can totally expand your scope when you are sure that will work. So, just shift your niche focus when necessary.

Dropshipping tips to pick your products

Choosing the right product for your store does not have to be a one-time job. You can deal with product-related problems during your dropshipping journey. It is because you can easily switch between different winning products when you run your dropshipping business. So, it’s really important to update your store from time to time and also keep in mind the below dropshipping tips to choose your products.

6. Use various sources

Dropshipping tips

If you want to find a good winning product, it’s recommended that you should research various reliable sources. Don’t just rely on only one source. You can research on social media, Google Trends, Alishark, or Amazon. You can also seek help from your dropshipping agent who will update immediately the current trendy products based on their hands-on experience. It’s very useful that you can check several platforms to get factual information before making a decision.

7. Be choosy

You can have many interests and then a long list of potential dropshipping products for your store. But not all of them will work for you. So, being choosy when it comes to product choice is not a bad idea. Look at every criterion of your product list will give you a more detailed view to make the right decision. And being picky and careful with all your product choices are our next dropshipping tips to pick good products for your store.

8. Place test orders

If you cannot do a quality inspection with the supplier, you can also check out the product by placing test orders. With dropshipping, you don’t even have a look at your product before it’s delivered to your customer. But as a store owner, you should know how your product is like when your customer receives it.

So, buy a sample item before adding the product to your store. By doing so, you can also think of many ideas to market your products. Since it’s very hard to produce ad ideas when you don’t see your product with your eyes. So when you have the chance, you can shoot a video with it, take high-quality pictures and think of good ad copies to promote the product.


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