10 Simple Tips to Make Viral TikTok Ads

Tips to Make Viral TikTok Ads

Recently, TikTok has emerged to be a very powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs to run ads and promote their products on social media. But do you know how to make your ads become popular and get as much interaction as possible?

Here are the 10 tips to make viral TikTok Ads for you:

10 Tips to make viral TikTok Ads

1. Keep your video short but impressive

One of the most useful tips to make viral Tiktok ads is keeping your video short and impressive. Tiktok is a platform that promotes video content but it is also fast-paced. So people would swipe really fast to move from one video to another. There’s no time for a long video. That will make viewers boring and they will lose patience soon.

And as your video is short, you need to go straight to the point and make it impressive to catch people’s attention right away. There are so many videos on Tiktok, so make sure that you give them reasons to watch yours.

2. Always choose trending background music

Tips to Make Viral TikTok Ads

Background music is another important element to win your audience attention. Be choosy when you decide on music for your video. Always choose trending ones. And make sure that it sounds catchy and easy for people to remember. You may see that most viral TikTok videos will have super catchy background music then.

3. Create educational content

The next tip to make viral TikTok Ads is that you should educate your audience through TikTok as well. It’s good when you give advice, useful tips, or share knowledge in your expertise with them. People would enjoy informative content which benefits them in their daily lives.

4. Have a strong call to action

Beside creating a compelling video, you should also have a strong call to action. This is to help you get more followers while displaying your videos to people. Put in some direct call to action like “Follow for more”. That will give people some time to follow you before they watch the next part.

5. Use storytelling

Tips to Make Viral TikTok Ads

A great tip you can use to make viral TikTok ads is storytelling. An interesting story will make it easier to attract people. And your stories can be anything from your daily activities to the project you are doing. Just think of the way to make it compelling to people. And that will go viral faster than you think.

6. Create fast videos to make people look twice

Yeah. The next tip to make viral TikTok ads is to make your video move fast. Then people will have to rewatch to see what it is about. You can make the text or some parts of the video so fast that they cannot read or understand the first time. That will force people to look at it again or pause your videos. And TikTok will see that your videos are so good that people are spending more time on them, which means your ads will be displayed even to more people.

7. Trigger slight controversy

10 Simple Tips to Make Viral TikTok Ads 1

If you make videos about an obvious thing, then people will not bother to comment to express their ideas. But the purpose is to encourage people to like, share and comment. So it’s best to talk about something that is just slightly controversial. Then people would talk about it all the time. They will like to give their ideas on things and leave a comment. And that will make viral TikTok Ads for you.

8. Use specific hashtags

10 Simple Tips to Make Viral TikTok Ads 2

It’s not recommended that you use generic hashtags if you want to make viral TikTok ads. So put more effort to come up with specific ones. Specific hashtags will be much more effective in making your videos more popular. And hashtags will also help you to show your ads to the right audience.

9. Be responsive to comments

Try to engage with your audience on your post by answering all their comments. That’s a great way to make viral TikTok ads. Because that encourages people to interact with your post more. But remember not to go too fast if you don’t want to get blocked then.

10. Post regularly

The last tip to make viral TikTok ads is that you should post regularly. That is to remind people of your brand. And if you post more videos, you will stand a greater chance to have one of them become viral.

So, running a successful business means a lot of work to do. And having a winning marketing strategy is one of those. Apart from great products, good dropshipping agent partners, you will need to produce new ideas every day. And we hope that those 10 tips today will help you a lot with your advertising campaign on TikTok, which will benefit your marketing in general.


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