7 Tips to Create Effective Video Ads

Tips to Create Effective Video Ads

Every marketer knows that video content is king now. Video marketing works on almost any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or your website.  That’s why this is an effective marketing strategy that any entrepreneur should consider.

But how to create effective video ads for your brand? Now let’s check out these 7 tips for your digital video marketing!

7 Tips to Create Effective Video Ads

1. Impress your audience in the first few seconds

We are living in a fast-paced world and people would never bother to watch every video till the end. It would normally take them five seconds to decide if they should continue to watch the video or not. So you just have a few seconds to impress your audience and keep them stay with your video.

That’s why a good beginning is so important to create effective video ads. You can have a very interesting story to tell in your video but if you cannot make a few first seconds count, then you will lose more and more viewers.

You can start with something that will hook people in your video right away, such as a statement or a question. Also, invest in your visual content as your ads may be muted when they are shown to viewers.

2. Emphasize What Special About Your Brand

Tips to Create Effective Video Ads

The next tip to create effective video ads is that you should highlight what makes your brand stand out among other competitors. Think of what will interest people the most about your brand, what makes you different, and why people should know about you?

In order to do that, you could share your brand vision, value, or some of your great achievements. You can also share other customers’ feedback about your brand and tell people what you can bring to their lives.

3. Pay attention to your video length

You may want to include a lot of things in your video. But avoid making it too long and people cannot be patient enough to follow. Just keep it short and informative. Focus on the key points and the message you would like to deliver. Make sure people get the message without being distracted by unnecessary details.

Your video could be just as long as 30 seconds when you advertise your products. If you want to tell your brand story, it can be longer. But remember you should always keep an eye on your video length if you want to create effective video ads for your business.

4. Personalize your video

Tips to Create Effective Video Ads

The purpose to create effective video ads is to get as many views as possible. But you also need to target the right audience. So this is where personalization comes into place. That means you will need to understand some demographics of your audience like their ages, interests, locations, habits, etc. so that you can make your videos suitable for them.

5. Have a Clear Call to Action

You should also have a clear and strong Call to Action in your video ads. At the end of the day, your goal is to tell people to do something like make a purchase or go to your website. And you should not ignore this part in your video.

6. Be Relatable

Just think of yourself as a viewer. You would never watch something that is not relevant to you at all. You need to see yourself in those ads. You need to see the problem that you face and find the solution. So the thing here is to be relatable. Show your ads to the right people and offer them something that they would want.

7. Be Authentic

The last tip to create effective video ads is to be authentic. Things have changed a lot over the last few years. Now, there is no place for highly produced video. The audience would expect something real. But of course, your ad videos would be professional and of high quality. Being authentic means that you should make people feel more human and closed to your brand.

So, above are the 7 useful tips to create effective video ads for your business. We understand that producing a good video would involve a lot of work. Based on the mentioned tips and principles, you could also share your ideas with a professional like your dropshipping agent so that you can have the best video ad for your own. We hope that this article will help and wish you luck with your dropshipping!


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