Top 10 unique dropshipping products in 2021

unique dropshipping products in 2021

If you are looking for some unique dropshipping products in 2021 for your store, this is the right place for you. Now with a lot of online businesses evolving, finding unique products to sell would make you stand out and gain a group of loyal customers. But sometimes it feels desperate to find out what you should get. Don’t worry. Today, we will help you to list out the top 10 unique dropshipping products in 2021 that are on trend recently. Let’s check them out.

Top 10 unique dropshipping products in 2021

Crystal Water Bottles

unique dropshipping products in 2021

Through Google Trend graph and our experience, this product is becoming super popular today.  Water bottles sound really familiar. You might think why the hell this is on the list. But wait, it’s not just normal bottles. They got room for more than water. Those water bottles come with crystals attached to the base of them, which makes a cooler look. For some people, it even has a spiritual meaning.

Anyways, it is obviously trendy these days. So if you are looking for unique dropshipping products in 2021 to sell, well, try considering this product.

Microwave Steam Cleaner

unique dropshipping products in 2021

The next one on our list of unique dropshipping products in 2021 is microwave steam cleaners. It’s very common for everyone to own a microwave. Along with that, cleaning your microwave is such an issue. Sometimes you might forget or don’t feel like doing it due to busy life. But with this handy little product, you will be able to clean your microwave with three easy steps.

Adding vinegar and water into the microwave steam cleaner, then pop it into the microwave for about eight minutes, and it’s done. Very simple. Your microwave gets cleaned with almost zero effort. In fact, the simplicity of this product should be what you can focus on with your marketing campaigns. Or you can create a video giving a quick tutorial of how to use this product. That would be best. 

Neck Phone Holder

Phone accessories are super popular for the last few years along with the emergence of cell phone models. Those products will not get old for at least couples of years ahead. So if you want to dive into this niche, try neck phone holder – the next unique dropshipping products in 2021. This device helps to hold onto your phone while watching videos, or video calling by placing the clamp onto your neck.

You can also bend the clamp to use it as a selfie stick for taking selfies. Again, it’s highly recommended to create a tutorial video about how to use this product and how it works.

Dog Jackets

Everyone knows that pet accessories is a huge niche. More and more people have at least one pet nowadays. And dogs make up the majority. That means there’s a big number of potential customers as well. Among pet accessories, clothing is one of the most popular gifts that owners give to their dogs. That’s why we got dog jackets on the list of unique dropshipping products in 2021.

Those cute products come in a wide range of sizes and designs which will suit all kinds of dog breeds. Besides, they also keep your dogs warm and dry and not getting wet on their walk. Moreover, with a cute dog jacket, you can come up with a really effective advertising video. Imagine a cute dog in cute clothing. That definitely will make pet lovers love the product at first sight and click on those ads.

Novelty Pet Beds

Apart from dog jackets, novelty pet beds are another product we would like to recommend to the list of unique dropshipping products in 2021. You may know that pet owners love to spend money on their pets, from food, clothing, to toys, and bed. In fact, pet beds have become more popular since last year. This is a good sign for anyone who are dropshipping pet accessories. You can add novelty pet beds to your product list. This will get you more customers and more sales for sure.

Gilet Vests

Worldwide online revenue for clothing has seen a huge jump over the last few years. Clothing products are becoming more and more profitable. And gilets are among one of the most lucrative and unique dropshipping products in 2021. There are many colors and styles of this product that you can choose to sell on your online store. These gilets are perfect for anyone who both wants to add some layers to their outfit and want to look good at the same time. So don’t be reluctant to add gilets to your products list from now on.

Stainless Steel Straws

Next up on the list of unique dropshipping products in 2021 are stainless steel straws. With all the call for environmental saving, now stainless steel straws become king. Plastic straws are no longer an option. Instead, people will be more willing to get stainless steel straws since they look fancier, they last longer, and they seem to affect less to the environment.

As a dropshipper, this gives you another good product to sell on your store. You can create a marketing video telling a strong message on the environment by using this product and you will be the winner.

Salad Chopper Bowl

Well, if you find that cutting ingredients before cooking is the most boring part, then the next on our list of unique dropshipping products in 2021 will be the solution for you. It’s salad chopper bowl. This is a brilliant device that allows you to cut your vegetables in a very simple and effortless way. Especially when you come home after a long day and want to cook a dinner when you are already exhausted and starving.

Beside its main function, you can also use it as a handy bowl to wash your salad ingredients. With this product, clean eating is no longer boring and troublesome.

Avocado Slicer

In addition to salad chopper bowl, we would recommend you another unique dropshipping products in 2021 to sell on your store which is also a good choice for clean eating. That’s avocado slicers. Every healthy meal has avocado. And cutting them takes you quite a lot of effort and time. If you don’t want to spend more time on cutting avocados, use avocado slicers.

That’s the reason why this product is becoming popular today. It is so convenient for people. And it’s the right decision to add this to your product list this year.

Novelty Soap Dispenser

The last one on our list of unique dropshipping products in 2021 is novelty soap dispensers. Soap dispensers themselves are not so unfamiliar to people. But when they come in various cute and funny shapes, they look more appealing to buyers. Imagine you are crazy about flamingo and then you’ve got a flamingo soap dispenser in your bath room, isn’t it fantastic? That’s why we put it on the list.

In fact, those eye-catching products are on trend since last year. And the trend will continue this year as well.

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