How to Start Dropshipping in 2021? A Quick guide for entrepreneurs

how to start dropshipping in 2021

How to start dropshipping in 2021? – Many of you may ask. Well, 2020 is a tough year for everyone. With the effect of the pandemic, recently a lot of people want to start an e-commerce business instead since now is the era of online shopping. This is a good idea, though starting dropshipping for a newbie may be overwhelming. But don’t worry. In this article, we will help you to figure out what you should do to set the very first brick in building your business. Let’s scroll down to see the details.

How to Start Dropshipping in 2021: A Quick guide for entrepreneurs

Choose the best niche for your dropshipping store

The very first step of how to start dropshipping in 2021 is to decide your dropshipping niche. Selecting what to sell on your online store is the key to your success. You cannot make good profits if you sell products that no one wants to purchase. Or even you choose a good product but don’t update the trend and one day, your products might go off old-fashioned. Then you will meet big trouble. So, to eliminate all the above issues, you should focus enormously and spend great effort on picking the best niche for your business.

Market analysis plays an important role in determining profitability.

Since dropshipping is easy to start and lucrative at the same time, there’s tough competition out there. To win the competition, it’s better to know other competitors as well as the market. Therefore, market analysis is an essential skill that can help you go ahead of other dropshippers. Learning and making market analysis is the second step we would recommend of how to start dropshipping in 2021.

Make a business plan

how to start dropshipping in 2021

The next step of how to start dropshipping in 2021 is to make a business plan without missing any point. Instead, you should come up with a detailed plan for every step and for how to achieve what you want. A good plan will save you from failing when you have to face some unexpected things in your business.

The perfect selection of dropshipping products

When you have decided on your dropshipping niche, it’s important to select what products to sell or in other words, what you will include in your product list. If you could choose a good niche, then choosing good products will do the most for you. Good and profitable products decide your success. So remember, finding the right niche and products is the key to how to start dropshipping in 2021.

Find reliable dropshipping suppliers

Once you’ve done with your niche and products, then the next thing you should do is going around and choosing reliable suppliers or manufacturers who can offer you good quality products and great service. You don’t want to work with suppliers who can destroy your customers’ experience and jeopardize your reputation. So be careful when it comes to narrowing down your suppliers is the next step we would put on our guide on how to start dropshipping in 2021.

Build an e-commerce store

There are many platforms that allow you to list your products online. But if you can develop your own online store, that will be best. In that case, you can customize your own page, your brand name, and identification of the products as well. Though using some popular platforms is an alternative, building your own store is highly recommended. That’s why it’s the next step of how to start dropshipping in 2021.

Market your dropshipping business

Finally, work on your marketing plan. No matter how good your products are, you will need an effective marketing strategy to market your products and your business. Marketing helps you to connect with your customers and spread your business reputation. So don’t hesitate to make a good marketing plan and await fruitful results coming to you. And this should be the last step of our guide on how to start dropshipping in 2021.

Best dropshipping niches 2021

how to start dropshipping in 2021

In the above section, we have given you the basic steps of how to start dropshipping in 2021. Next, we would suggest you some profitable dropshipping niche in the new year so that you can have some ideas of what niche you should choose for your store. Let’s check it out now.

Kid’s birthday decoration

If you are passionate about kid accessories, then you should consider kid’s birthday decoration. This niche is so familiar to everyone. In fact, this is among the most profitable niches. Nowadays, when it comes to a kid’s birthday, there’s an image of the birthday theme, loads of fun elements, return gifts, and so on. This is a good news for dropshippers, since it’s much more profitable to sell the whole birthday decoration kit to parents instead of individual items.

In addition, by selecting this niche, you will save a lot of time and effort for parents because they don’t have to go to every store to find each item.

Women’s fashion

Women’s fashion never gets old. This niche will always bring you good profit since women are crazy about fashion all the time. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of women may go even crazier when it comes to shopping. So, your job is to grab the chance and make good profit from this trend.

Nursery decor

Speaking of nursery decor, we would also emphasize gender-neutral nursery decor. Parents now don’t focus on specific colors but prefer gender neutrality among their kids instead. Elegant and not bulky decoration is the best. You can also freely use your creativity to add your ideas to this niche and make a good profit margin out of it.

Creator tools

Recently, phone accessories have become higher and higher in demand due to the launch of many numbers of mobile applications. This is also a good niche to make profit. For those who want to do side jobs using these apps, you can help them with phone accessories.

Dropshipping marketing strategies 2021

If you have figured out how to start dropshipping in 2021 and what niche you should choose for your store, it’s no less important to have effective marketing strategies to nail the business. It’s undeniable that marketing is a critical part of your business planning. So don’t miss a chance to update dropshipping strategies in 2021 as below:

Plan for an appealing offer

Dropshipping business is very competitive. Buyers have tons of options beside your store out there on the market. So the key factor to draw your customers’ attention is that you should plan for an appealing offer. And the thing here is putting the right product with the right offer.

Focus on automation

It would be overwhelming and not productive to hire a bunch of staffs to perform any repeated but simple tasks of your business. Instead, we would recommend you stress on automation of your dropshipping store. You can save a lot of time and money doing that.

Customer service should be at its peak.

In order to lure your customers and keep them engaged with your business, you should mind your customer services. If you can sell a good product, your competitors also can. But what makes you stand out is your customer service. Good service would give awesome experiences and keep your customer stay. So it’s important to spend time and effort to improve your services, also willing to listen to your customers and make adjustments if any.

Final word

We have shared with your a quick guide of how to start dropshipping in 2021 in the above sections, hope that those summaries will give you a general idea of what you should do from your very first step. It’s not easy but not so hard to figure out how to start your dropshipping in 2021 either. You just need some time and research to do it. A bit of luck and dedication should also be in place. Dropshipping is the new trend these days because of its profitability and simplicity.

Among choosing the right niche and products, working on your online store and your marketing plan is another thing you should focus on when it comes to how to start dropshipping in 2021. Placing an appealing offer and stressing on automation and customer service should be parts of your 2021 marketing strategies. Finally, good luck with your business and hope that our guide on how to start dropshipping in 2021 is useful to you all.

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