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If you are running a dropshipping business, how to build good ads creative to attract as many customers as possible will be among tons of questions in your mind to get your business run well.

It is undeniable that advertising is one of the key factors that bring success to your business generally and  dropshipping particularly. Understanding this concern, today we will give you general ideas about what you should do to create good ads creative for your business.

Regardless it is a print/ outdoor/ online advertising, good ads creative should always contain below criteria: Good ads creative = Audience interested (the “WOW”) + Marketing purpose + Product Benefits

Now, we will go into details on every mentioned angles.

Audience interested

audience interestedTo build good ads creative, getting your audience interested in your advertising is crucially important. This should be the first thing you must think of in your list. In other words, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your audience? Are they white-collar workers, household wives, students or business owners?
  • What is their main interest in your products? What profit your product can bring to your customers?

By targeting the right customers and making them interested in your presentation, you can make your audience think about it, talk about it, want to know more about it and eventually act upon it – go seek and buy your product. It’s good to create an entertaining advertisement which gives audience useful information with creative ideas. However, people at all times love to read piece of writing or watch kind of videos/ images that they can see themselves in these stories. Otherwise, they soon get bored and turn to more exciting things. Therefore, knowing your customers is the first step to make your audience interested.

Besides, ensure your ads contain enough essential information about your products but not too much. You should only focus on core information that appears to describe your product best. Be clear and also be careful with what you are saying to void making your viewers confused/ offended or overwhelmed. Finally, you should put a direct call in your ads to your audience, pushing them to take action.

In short, a good ads creative should be:

  • Memorable and easily recalled
  • Informative but concise
  • Do not cause confusion or overwhelming feeling
  • Convey a clear call to your customers (For example, “To find out more about …, please visit…”)
  • Connect closely with your customers’ needs and desires

Marketing purpose

marketing purpose

We have talked about audience interested, so what else should be important to good ads creative? Marketing purpose is the next thing you should list out as well.

So what is marketing purpose in advertising? This is the message that you will put into your advertisement to make people think and remember about it  following the AIDAR model (Awareness + Interest + Desire + Action + Retention).

You already succeed in making your ads sound attractive to your customers, but with no Marketing purpose, you will lose enormous amount of data, your long-term profit and miss the chance to build your brand. Indisputably, this is what good ads creative must contain.

Remember that your objective is to make people buy your products more and more, not only to amuse them in couples of seconds and then they all forget about it. You may want to include fundamental information about your brand name, your store/ company and your products cleverly to increase awareness, to remind buyers to buy, to create belief about your brand, to market your product and finally, to promote sales and earn revenue.

Furthermore, a good ads with effective marketing purpose will help build your shopping store/ companies’ image. You will soon realize it will pay off in the long run.

In this dog-eat-dog world, if your brand does not stand out among thousands of other brands out there, you barely can keep on the right track with your dropshipping business.

The more people know and believe in your brand, the more products you can sell. One saying goes: he who laughs last, laughs best. So remember, always create your ads with the marketing purpose.

Product Benefits

product benefits

Besides making your audience interested and serving marketing purpose in your advertising, in order to build good ads creative, you will have to offer your customers the products benefits. It may sound obvious to you. However, how to do it effectively is another story.

It is critical to emphasize the product benefits that means to your customers. People only buy things that they think it will benefit them. Even when they actually do not need it, they just want it. Ensure that you are showing your customers how your product satisfy their needs, desires and their wants.

Highlighting your product benefits can hardly be done without describing your product features. Though these two terminologies seems so close to each other, they might be a little different. Product features are facts about the goods, while product benefits are the things that customers wish to get. Product features are the things a product has, product benefits reflect what people expect to achieve. For example, product features of a wool sweater are fabric type, or its color, its texture, while its benefit is how great they can keep you warm during cold weather.

So instead of telling your customers what features your products have merely, focus more on what those products will do in their lives. This is another important thing to maximize effectiveness of your advertising.

To sum up, remember above 03 important things to make good ads creative for your dropshipping business: getting audience interested – the “wow” by connecting it with their needs and expectations, putting a long-term marketing purpose into it and highlighting the product benefits besides giving remarkable product features.

It can be challenging but also super exciting to come up with good advertising. It also will cost you a lot of effort to work on ads creative or a marketing campaign. However, it is most likely to bring you fruitful results in the end.

So that’s all. Hope this article give you a clearer view on how good ads creative looks like which then help you to achieve your goal in your dropshipping business.

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