How to create your idea with SMILE model

Dropshipping: Newbie need to know
Dropshipping: Newbie need to know
How to create your idea with SMILE model
How to create your idea with SMILE model 2

create your ad idea

Lost your ways to create your idea? Don’t worry. Today, we will introduce a brand new way of coming up with a good idea that we have been using a lot in our business. We believe that this method is quite superb and that you can apply it to create your idea for your marketing campaign. There are many ways to create your idea now, but we think most of those ways are based on personal experiences. And sometimes you often have a lot of difficulties when you have to test continuously to find the right way for your team.

It is totally up to your own thinking, so each person will follow their own ways. However, when we work as a team, there will be some difficulties in formatting and implementing. So, we hope that our method that we share with you in this article will help you get through all these problems.

Create your idea with SMILE model

How to create your idea with SMILE model 3

This is a very simple method to use when you create your idea for your ads, ad copy, ad videos and images, your content, and so on. Basically, SMILE Model stands for 5 main factors:


When you create your idea, the content of the idea should be simple and direct. It should be: “Only one message, only one idea”. A simple idea is the best way so that your customers can remember you. If you want to create an excellent ad idea, you should know the meaning of “Single-Minded Idea – Only one idea”. The only message of the idea should be able to tell your customers the standout difference of the product. That is Brand Positioning.

In addition to the criterion “Only one idea”, there is another requirement for a good idea that is Minimalism. It means the simpler, the better. Simplify it as much as you can. You can see that there are things that are extremely simple but have tremendous power. For example a Catholic cross, a nation’s flag, a brand’s logo, a company’s slogan and so on.

Or sometimes you will come across very simple ideas but they can generate hundreds or even thousands of sales.

create your ad idea
Why do you have to create a simple idea? Because your customers do not have too much time to see 1 post ad. On average, each user only has 2-5 seconds to see an ad. And if it is too confusing and complicated, they will quickly skip it.


The next thing you should keep in mind to create your idea is memorability. Everyone has their own egos, so they appreciate uniqueness. Therefore, your idea should be memorable and unique. The very memorability is the only solution to the current situation of information overload. Consumers always tend to ignore regular images and words. That’s why we should focus on “Stopping Power” to drive your viewers to the content you want to convey to them.

create your ad idea


When your customers see a good idea, they will memorize it for a long time afterward. They even will talk about it, or share it with their friends. In order to do that, your idea should be interesting enough to catch their attention and make them remember the information, the personality, and the brand.

So next time if you create your idea, memorize those tips to make the information consistent with the image and make it attractive:

  • Create beautiful and diverse mockups in line with current trends.
  • Present an attractive and eye-catching layout idea.


Your idea is only effective when viewers still remember your brand after seeing the ads. The overall looking must be clear. It should follow the standards of the characteristic color, size, position of the logo, of the product, and of the product user. Symbolization and representative characters are the ones that can easily make an impression and trigger your consumers’ association the fastest.

For example, your idea must tell the niche that you are selling, the “Reason to buy” points that customers are interested in.


The idea is successful because it evokes emotions in viewers. Each idea must have an influence on the customer’s emotions and make them look at it to see what they want within the niche you are selling. But it should also be relevant to the current context.

Every person sees things and events emotionally and rationally. Because emotions are the main reason that decides their brand selection, the idea should not only affect the nous but also trigger emotions in the viewers. Emotions are often delivered the best through images, colors, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, messages, and stories. An emotion-evoking idea must have an impact on the senses and stimulate the viewer’s imagination.

Final word

Most of the time, it’s very hard to create your idea in an effective and fast way. You could try many approaches and may get help from your sourcing agent but you still cannot reach what you want. We understand your difficulties. And we are willing to help you with the SMILE model that we have been using. You can try others if you find them effective for your team. This is just our experience and our recommendation that we think you can apply successfully in most cases. Hope this can help!


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