How to find trending best dropshipping products in 2021

trending best dropshipping in 2021

Are you looking for trending best dropshipping products in 2021? Or are you thinking of owning an online store that can bring you a lot of profit? Well, let’s face it. Dropshipping now has become the easiest e-commerce business to start. But to make it a fruitful business, first of all, you need to choose the right niche and good products.

Apart from other activities like finding suppliers, marketing, advertising, etc, listing good products on your page is the key to your success. So today, we will give you some ideas of how to find a good product and what products could be super lucrative. Let’s check it out.

How to find trending best dropshipping products in 2021?

Speaking of trending best dropshipping products in 2021, we can use plenty of resources available online as references. Here are a few sites you can refer to when you want to find some ideas for your store: Thieve, Product Mafia, Repickwebsites, Pexda, Angage, Facebook groups like Product Research Lab, Best Dropshipping products, and Shopify Dropshipping.

You will have all details you need to know in terms of finding the right products and marketing them effectively from those online resources. You can also discuss with other dropshippers about your dropshipping campaigns in their Facebook groups or forums.

Beside that, there are many other sources where you can find out good products like Product stats available on Oberlo; Google Trends; Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook; The ‘Hot Products’ section of China-based online retailer AliExpress – shows you, which products are in high demand; Amazon ‘Best Sellers’ – displays the most popular products, based on sales, for every niche; ‘Trending’ on eBay – shows you the top 10 products that users are searching for the most.

So, keep in mind which resources you find most convenient to you from the above list and start to dig in all the information you need about trending best dropshipping products in 2021.

What kind of dropshipping products sell more in 2021?

trending best dropshipping products in 2021

There are many factors that make a product that can sell. Some emphasize good advertising and good price. Some focus on finding trending products and on stimulating impulse buying. In fact, lucrative dropshipping needs to be built on buying power, trends, and impulse buying.

However, trending best dropshipping products in 2021 will be likely to fall into those categories: Products under $10 and look attractive or useful, Products that are not easy to find, Products that are very useful.

10 Trending Best Dropshipping Products in 2021 for your store

Pet Products

As discussed above, there are plenty of ways to look for good dropshipping product ideas. In this article here, we will list out some trending products that we think can make good profit in the next year. By our experiences, pet products will be the first trending best dropshipping products in 2021. The pet industry is predicted to make over 75 billion dollars. People who have pets are crazy about buying their pets clothes and accessories.

Apart from that, you can also make an attractive and funny ad to promote your products by just a funny and cute picture of a dog. It’ll be very effective yet fun. Some products under this niche are: puppy seatbelt, dog jackets, pet grooming glove, dog leash harness, chewing ball toys, Novelty pet beds and so on.

In this niche, you’d better find cute and unique products then you will no longer worry about the sales. Pet lovers all are keen on cute pet things.

Beauty and health products

trending best products in 2021

Next up our list of trending best dropshipping products in 2021 are Beauty & health products. The industry which is considered to be very productive is now flourishing so fast all over the world. Despite all economic crises, consumers will not stop spending more on beauty and health products. Some products in this niche we can name are: Facial Sprays, Eye Liner, Mascara, Face Rollers, Face Massagers, Lip Liner, Concealer, Highlighter, Skincare products.

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories niche is so familiar but never old. In fact, this is among the most productive products of all. That’s why we have this on the list of trending best dropshipping products in 2021. Everyone now gets their own phones. And as a natural impulse, they will like to buy phone accessories more. Here are the most popular products in this niche: iPhone Accessories, iPad Accessories, Samsung Accessories, Neck Phone holders, Cell phone covers and cases, Tablet cases, Wireless phone chargers, Car phone holders.

Handmade Products

Beside other available products, you can also consider handmade products like knitted blankets, jewelry, homemade organic soaps and beauty products for your store. Since those products are unique, not easy to find everywhere in bulk, and useful at the same time. Keep in mind to find a reliable supplier for your handmade products to make sure your products are safe to use. Also make sure that your customers are willing to pay in case your products have high prices. This is going to be the new trending best dropshipping products in 2021.


Smartwatches have been around for several years. And those products will continue to be on-trend for the next year. Everyone wants to get a smartwatch to look fancy, to enjoy amazing features like checking messages and taking calls without touching their phones. So you can consider those products to sell in your store if you target sports accessories niche.

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is always wanted by women. Furthermore, fine minimalist jewelry has become trending best dropshipping products in 2021. Some products can be listed in this niche like Bohemian earrings, tribal jewelry, trendy finger rings and anklets, charm bracelets etc. So if you are selling clothes, you can also include this niche to attract your customers more and give them more options in hand rather than going around finding other shops.

Baby Products

One more niche we would like to mention on the list of trending best dropshipping products in 2021 are baby products. This kind of product can be challenging.  But it’s totally worth a shot if you know how to do it right. Since there is a very high demand for this niche,  baby products are becoming the most lucrative products and suitable for any retailer.

Some products in this niche like baby gear, infant wear, winterwear, spill-proof bowls, baby sleep caps are some that can make a big fortune for you.

Home Products

As people stay home more with the effect of the pandemic, they tend to care about home decoration more. That’s why the last trending best dropshipping products in 2021 we would like to mention here are Home products. Those products can be named are crystal water bottles, hair stopper shower, makeup organizers, throw blankets, and DIY wall art, reusable straws, edible cutlery.

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