Key Interesting “SMS Marketing” facts for your 2022 business

SMS Marketing

The word SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS Marketing is a marketing activity in which messages are sent to customers via messaging systems, combining the definitions of SMS and Marketing. Mobile marketing includes SMS marketing as well.
SMS advertising messages come in a wide variety of formats. You can utilize sales messages, service introductions, promotions, or simply happy birthday greetings to customers, depending on the purpose. However, the most crucial component of SMS marketing is the message’s content, which must be brief.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Messages are sent quickly, no spam

After you have set up all the necessary information about the message, just press the “Send” button and that content will quickly be placed in the customer’s message section. More specifically, the difference between Email Marketing and SMS Marketing is that the current customer’s inbox is divided into many different tabs. At that time, the incoming content may be in the inbox, advertising or spam folders. But that doesn’t happen for SMS. If the content has been approved by the carrier, it will be sent to the customer’s message box.

High open rate

As mentioned above, mobile messaging without spam is one of the reasons why SMS Marketing has a higher open rate than Email Marketing. At the same time, combined with the behavior of often viewing messages as soon as there is a notification of the phone user.


SMS Marketing also allows users to personalize the messages sent. Using a personalization element has the potential to have a greater positive impact on customer psychology. From there to increase the conversion rate of SMS Marketing campaigns.

Simple, easy to use

Most SMS Marketing systems are designed to be very simple, just a few steps and you can complete a campaign. You just need to prepare a quality data set and content according to the right strategy. The rest have support tools.

Disadvantages of SMS Marketing

Besides the advantages that have been given, SMS Marketing also has some disadvantages as follows:

Content is limited

The limited number of characters in a message is a big drawback for SMS Marketing. This limitation makes it difficult for marketers to shorten their messages. The content is too short if it is not carefully invested in the use of words, it is difficult to impress the readers.
In addition to the limitation in characters, SMS Marketing can only use text form which is also a minus point. Because creativity when implementing SMS marketing campaigns is much lower than using Email Marketing or advertising. Especially when the use of images, videos, infographics, … is becoming a trend.

Difficulty in measuring the effectiveness

With SMS Marketing, you only know the number of visits of the recipient of the message to your website through Google Analytics when they click on the link in the content. At the same time, if you have set up measurement goals on your website, you can also see the performance results of visitors from this SMS source.
But you can’t see the number of people who opened the message. Or in case you do not insert a link in the content but only the hotline, it is also difficult to determine whether the caller is from an SMS Marketing source. Unless you use a separate hotline that only serves this SMS channel.

Popular forms of SMS Marketing today

SMS Marketing

With the advantages that SMS Marketing brings to users, businesses can use this tool in various forms as follows:

#1. Information about promotions or discount codes

There are a variety of tools available for you to quickly and directly reach your customers with promotional messages that you currently have. But SMS Marketing is still a great channel for you to bring this highly valuable information to your customers.
With just a single message with compelling content and a landing page, you can easily bring customers to your website and learn about the details of the offer. Or a discount code directly sent to the message will make customers more motivated in their buying behavior.

#2. Introducing new products

More than anyone else, you can understand the shopping behavior of the customers on your list. With a previous shopping history with your business, introducing a new product via SMS is also a way for you to increase sales significantly.
Or many businesses also reply on previous purchase history to introduce their customers to products related to the products they have purchased. This is a variation of the form of cross-selling (cross-sell, also known as cross-selling, is a form of sale where the customer buys a product related to the product previously purchased from you).

#3. Event promotion

In addition to promotional messages, blog posts, useful content, etc. SMS also helps you to send messages about upcoming events.

#4. Brand PR

Besides sales goals, using SMS for branding is also a popular form. SMS does not cost too much compared to other marketing tools. But you can still reach a large number of potential customers.

#5. Confirm information

When it comes to Marketing, most people often think a lot about sales or branding goals. But in fact, the content sent to customers in the form of information such as order confirmation, payment confirmation, order status update, etc. is also considered a component of the entire Marketing process. Therefore, with SMS marketing you can also send basic information in the process of interacting with customers. You could liaise with your dropshipping agent on the fulfillment and shipping process to better prepare for your SMS marketing campaign launch.


You now have a fundamental understanding of SMS marketing, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. It’s now up to you to choose what you want to do. However, when you first start your firm, remember to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each model to determine which one is best for you. Best of luck with your venture!


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