8 Excellent White Label Products Ideas for Your Store

White label product

Have you ever thought of selling products of your own brand? Are you tired of keeping selling products from unknown brands or finding the right dropshipping agent or suppliers to source the branded products?

Well, if so, sell White Label Products! You can just order products from other companies then rebrand them just the way you like. They are not necessarily manufactured by yourself. Does it sound amazing? Let’s check out this article to find out more!

What do white label products mean?

White label products are products that already exist in the market without any branding. And you can just source those products and add your own brands to them. Those products are normally are produced in mass quantity. Then they will be sold to sellers or retailers who can freely brand the products after that. Selling white label products is a great way to have your own footprint in the competition.

Benefits of selling white label products

White Label Product

The first benefit of selling white label products is that you don’t have to produce those products by yourself when you want to have your own branded items. And this might be the greatest advantage. You can just focus more on other activities like marketing or advertising and sales. That will free you from the pressure of the manufacturing process.

That being said, you will be able to save a lot of time and energy as well as budget for the above activities. And you can price your products on your own. You do not have to rely on the pricing of the branded items.

But of course, white label products have some downsides as well. The biggest may the tough competition. But it’s rather than a general situation for every business. However, for white label products, you may have many competitors who sell the same products with different brands.

8 Ideas for white label product

White Label Product

Now that you understand what is a white label product and what it can offer you, we will go through some examples of good white label products ideas as below:

1. Yoga mats

The first good product for white labeling is yoga mats. They are great products to dropship. And they are great white label products as well. Beside yoga mats, you can expand the options to other yoga gears like yoga straps and so on.

2. Glasses

The next idea for white label products would be glasses. Glasses are trending dropshipping products. They are used by many people. Sun-glasses, blue-light-blocking glasses are all good to go. You can even sell luxury glasses, too.

3. Bags

There are many types of bags that you can sell as white label products. They are very popular and great for white labeling. You can sell backpacks, travel bags, sports bags, and so on.

4. Coffee products

Coffee products are another excellent idea for white label products. A lot of people all around the world enjoy coffee. Just remember to pay more attention to the quality and design so that you can entice coffee lovers. Once they love your products, you will get more potential customers to sell.

5. Personal care items

There are so many personal care items for you to choose from. You can sell body wash. You can sell shampoo. Or you can sell toothpaste. Design your page in a simple but attractive style so that you can make it look professional and appealing to your customers.

6. Cosmetics products

The cosmetics market is so huge and potential. Just be careful when you choose your dropshipping agent or suppliers. Make sure your products are safe to use if they are to apply to people’s skin. But besides, you can sell safer items like makeup brushes. Having your own cosmetics brand is a very excellent idea. As once you have built up your brands, you will have a loyal customer base and reach out to more people day by day.

7. Home decor products

Home decor is another great idea for white label products. This niche is trending right now. And it’s easy to create your own brand with these products. There are many home decor items you can think of. They can be doormats, clocks, lamps, and so on.

8. Wetsuits

Wetsuits are the last products we would like to mention. They are used to swimming, diving, surfing, etc. This is a potential niche for you to dig in. You can target those who love water activities. And offer them good products with your branding.


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